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I'm Not Ok Quotes

Im OK with being single, but Im not OK when the time comes where I have to move my furniture around and to change the high ceiling light balls ...
— Hiroko Sakai —

Any youth which is not misspent is, by definition, misspent.

— Hermester Barrington

Wind will bring the fragrance of Flower ... Not the Flower

— Arafath Shanas

I don't know if I killed my dad or not.

— Jeanne Willis

The hardest part is making the time to write. Not finding the time to write, mind you. Making.

— Carmen Agra Deedy

One day, you're in a physical landscape you share with this bizarre and fundamentally alien creature, not alien because she's female but alien because you're a fool in love and there's nothing not alien about that. And then when she's gone, you're alone and all the strangeness and wonder have gone out of the landscape and you're still a fool but now nobody notices how many days in a row you wear the same socks and cleaning the shower doesn't make the girl smile anymore so everything smells a little worse and doesn't get fixed when it breaks. I missed the feminine touch-not just hers, but mine. I missed being half-boy, half-girl, part of a whole. Now that I was male in a male environment, it was harder to manifest her physical chick presence, no matter how many of her MAC lipsticks I set out on the coffee table in a basket like so many M&Ms.

— Rob Sheffield

We do the right thing not to please people but because it's the only logically reasonable thing to do, as long as we are being honest with ourselves - even if we are the only ones.

— Wangari Maathai

The people you like when you meet them and while you know them, and the people you remember fondly, are invariably people who have a sense of comedy, not just a sense of humor.

— William Saroyan

Displacement of any part of the skeletal frame may press against nerves, which are the channels of communication, intensifying or decreasing their carrying capacity, creating either too much or not enough functionating, an aberration known as disease. The nature of the affection depends upon the shape of the bone, the amount of pressure, age of patient, character of nerves impinged upon and the individual makeup.

— Daniel D. Palmer

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