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I'm Not Like That Quotes

For some people, you know, Garrison Keillor, Rush Limbaugh, really the stars, theyve got a passion. They eat, drink and breathe radio, and Im not like that. I used to think I wanted to be. But I need to be away from it, too, and thats the difference, I think.
— Tom Bodett —

Look, I could go on and on and on telling you why I hate myself, but it's so self-centered ... and I'm not like that. I'm a giver. So I'd rather branch out and start giving it to everyone else.

— Joan Rivers

A lot of self-importance goes on in the fashion industry. I'm not like that.

— Alice Temperley

I play a lot of hard men and gangsters, and I'm not like that at all.

— Sean Pertwee

A lot of writers, especially crime writers, have an image that we think we're trying to keep up with. You've got to be seen as dark and slightly dangerous. But I'm not like that and I've realised that I don't need to put that on. People will buy the books whether they see a photo of you dressed in black or not.

— Ian Rankin

You know how some people write every day at a certain point? I'm not like that. I carry something around for a long time. I weigh the words and the sentences. I weigh the paragraphs. The process is much more meditative for me.

— Jamaica Kincaid

Some people who like dogs don't like cats, but I'm not like that.

— Viggo Mortensen

It's silly to call me the new Ed Sheeran. He can fill stadiums as a solo artist, but I'm not like that.

— James Bay

I got sent some cheese once. I'm not sure if that was saying something about my act, or just because I like cheese.

— Anton Du Beke

There are some people, you know, they think the way to be a big man is to shout and stomp and raise hell-and then nothing ever really happens. I'm not like that I never shoot blanks.

— Richard M. Nixon

People always tell me my books are so dark; I don't think they're particularly dark. I'm not like that. I'm quite a cheerful soul.

— Ruth Rendell

I'm always so impressed with these actresses with their perfect make up and hair and sometimes I'm very aware that I'm not like that. But I don't think I can do things any other way. I would be wearing a disguise if I started to apply that stuff.

— Clemence Poesy

If the movie is good then great, but if it's not then God, I feel so bad for that person with their face fifty feet tall, all blown up. Some people would be happy with that, that as long as their face was out there they're stoked about it. I'm not like that.

— Kristen Stewart

There are a lot of actors who will sit here and talk to you about characters - 'He does this, and she's a really interesting character because she does this.' I'm not like that at all. I'm not an actory actor.

— Zooey Deschanel

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