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I'm Laid Back Quotes

And when Im in my car Im laid back I got an 8-track and a spare tire in the backseat But thats flat
— Skee-Lo —

His hand slid back up to my shoulder. He gave me a pat. "Threesome fearsome. No one stands a chance."
I grinned at him. "What about Nate?"
He tapped his beer with mine. "When he's around, it's the foursome fearsome. You can add any 'some to that name. Thank goodness, huh?" Then he groaned. "I really need to get laid tonight.

— Tijan

The kiss he laid on her was caring, tender, and forgiving, and the kiss she gave back was convincing, trusting, and fiery with love.

— Lisa Gillis

I'm making a list of things that make you agreeable."
I scoffed, pushing my foot into his leg. "And all you got is sex and vacations?"
"The length of the list is not my fault."
"Are you saying I'm disagreeable?"
He raised an eyebrow. "Woman, how stupid do you think I am? You really think I'm answering that? I want to get laid tonight?"
I pushed him harder. "Watch it, or you might get laid to rest."
Braden threw his head back and laughed.

— Samantha Young

When he came back, he fed the fire, rolled out his pallet, turned off the light and laid down. After several minutes of quiet darkness, she heard his voice. "Sorry if I scared you. I don't roar that often."
-Ian to Marcie

— Robyn Carr

What he did instead was clean his shelter. He had been sleeping on the foam pad that had come with the survival pack and he straightened everything up and hung his bag out in the sun to air-dry and then used the hatchet to cut the ends of new evergreen boughs and laid them like a carpet in the shelter. As soon as he brought the boughs inside and the heat from the fire warmed them they gave off the most wonderful smell, filled the whole shelter with the odor of spring, and he brought the bag back inside and spread the pad and bag and felt as if he were in a new home. The berries boiled first and he added snow water to them and kept them boiling until he had a kind of mush in the pan. By that time the meat had cooked and he set it off to the side and tasted the berry

— Gary Paulsen

I'm a New Yorker now, and believe me, there's no comparison between the Big Apple and Kalamazoo, no similarity at all. New York City's hectic, always in fast-forward, and Kalamazoo's more laid-back, smaller, slower.

— Derek Jeter

So I resort back to such ideology: we all have a calling. We all have an ultimate purpose. On that is laid before us by destiny or one that is positioned in the crosshairs of our long-term goals.

— John-Talmage Mathis

I've never laid a cane on the back of a lord before, but if you force me to I shall speedily become used to the practice.

— Stanley Kubrick

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