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I'm Keen Quotes

Some kind of worship of the state, as though the state was somehow different from the schmucks who run it. Cant say Im keen.
— Mike Carey —

With a keen eye for details, one truth prevails!

— Gosho Aoyama

An exploring mind is the most precious gift in life and it's very keen to learn without any judgmental eye.

— Euginia Herlihy

Why do magazine do this to women?" Miranda complains now, glaring at Vogue. "It's all about creating insecurity. Trying to make women feel like they're not good enough. And when women don't feel like they're good enough guess what?" "What?" I (Carrie) ask, picking up the grocery bad, "Men win. That's how they keen us down" she concludes

— Candace Bushnell

No," said Godfrey, with a keen decisiveness of tone, in contrast with his usually careless and unemphatic speech-"there's debts we can't pay like money debts, by paying extra for the years that have slipped by. While I've been putting off and putting off, the trees have been growing-it's too late now. Marner was in the right in what he said about a man's turning away a blessing from his door: it falls to somebody else.

— George Eliot

The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.

— Thomas Merton

If there's anything I'm keen to get better at in my writing, then it's the writing of prose as opposed to the writing of dialogue.

— David Nicholls

I'm a keen runner, so I try to fit in a half hour every other day.

— Olly Murs

Let hopes and sorrows, fears and angers be, And think each day that dawns the last you'll see; For so the hour that greets you unforeseen Will bring with it enjoyment twice as keen.

— Horace

I was keen on sports-that's how my nose got this way. It's not actually broken; the nose was just pushed up a little bit and moved over. It's an aquiline nose, quite Irish.

— John Hurt

There's good directors and bad directors. Some of the critics are really conscientious and really try to do what they can popularize the work or to explain the work and so on. And then there's the critics who just wants to make a reputation by attacking. Those are the ones I'm not keen on.

— Peter Bogdanovich

It's tough to make funny films. And the truth is, with this process, especially if you write your own movie, then you're giving three years of your life to it. And so, I just have to be sure that when I embark on it that I'm happy to think that in three years' time I'm going to be sitting in a room on the tenth floor of an odd office building at Ginsberg Libby talking about it. So I'm keen not to jump into it too quickly and just make sure it's something that I really want.

— Dan Mazer

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