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I'm Happy When Quotes

For me its the same thing if the fans boo or not, because my role is the villain. Im happy when you clap me though.
— Alberto Del Rio —

( ... ) Since I was a kid."
"Which you refer to as 'back when you were happy.'"

— Ned Vizzini

Exactly, I repeated myself. I believe we do it all the time. We always take up certain elements again. How can it be avoided? An actor's voice always has the same timbre and, consequently, he repeats himself. It is the same for a singer, a painter ... There are always certain things that come back, for they are part of one's personality, of one's style. If these things didn't come into play, a personality would be so complex that it would become impossible to identify it.
It is not my intention to repeat myself, but in my work there should certainly be references to what I have done in the past. Say what you will, but The Trial is the best film I ever made ... I have never been so happy as when I made this film.
(talking about directing, The Trial (1962) - from Orson Welles: Interviews (book))

— Orson Welles

I'm happy when I have, like, one fan, but the fact that I'm getting fans from different places and different communities, it's really amazing.

— Kat Graham

Parenthood wasn't about blood or biology, he found; it was about a joyful willingness to give yourself over, to subordinate your own needs for someone else's. When you loved your kids, you'd give up everything to keep them safe and make them happy, and you didn't care about the other things, the ones that went away.

— Lisa Unger

My parents split when I was 13. For a youngster, it's quite devastating. One minute you're all happy families, then everything changes.

— Vinnie Jones

I always shoot for the moon in my work, so that I'm happy when I land on the roof.

— Darren Criss

We rarely grow when we're happy, we grow when we hurt.

— Maggie Q

I suppose I'm happy when I know I've given a horse a good ride, no matter where it is. I like playing golf in the summer; I'm happy when I hit a good shot, and I enjoy watching Arsenal playing beautiful football, but overall I can't believe you can be happy when you're not winning. I honestly can't accept that.

— Tony McCoy

I'm happy when I see him, and happier still if the sun shines when we're together

— Anne Frank

When church and state are separate, the effects are happy, and they do not at all interfere with each other: but where they have been confounded together, no tongue nor pen can fully describe the mischiefs that have ensued.

— Isaac Backus

I don't spend time thinking about an aesthetic out of which I create or an ideal toward which my body of work is heading. It's amazing, when I read interviews with other poets, to see how articulately they discuss their own writing, as if they were sharing long-held theories on the work of Pope or Keats. I'm happy enough that I've poured the best of myself into the poems themselves.

— Albert Goldbarth

Wherefore do ye toil; is it not that ye may live and be happy? And if ye toil only that ye my toil more, when shall happiness find you? Ye toil to live, but is not life made of beauty and song? And if ye suffer no singers among you, where shall be the fruits of your toil? Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. Were not death more pleasing?

— H.P. Lovecraft

I have three children and I think I'm happy when I'm with them and they're okay. When I see them enjoying each other in front of me, and then they let me enjoy them in turn. That brings a feeling which I would say is happiness.

— Philip Seymour Hoffman

I'm happy when I can spend every day doing the things that I like to do. That's my luxury.

— Warren Buffett

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