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If It's Not Quotes

I never liked the whole idea of [creating your own] background, if its not pertinent, where the character lived as a child, and who I was and how I was. That never helped me in any way, so I dont even do that.
— Maria Bello —

She can look at you and make you feel like you're the only one in the world. Even if it's not true, she can make you feel that way. And with her child, it would be true. She would look at her child for as long as her child needed.

— Adam Berlin

Have fun, even if it's not the same kind of fun everyone else is having.

— C.S. Lewis

When a thing's done, it's done, and if it's not done right, do it differently next time.

— Arthur Ransome

I sing louder and he looks right at me, finally getting it, because what I am saying with the rise of my voice is that I know he understands what music is about, he has seen the Lord in it, even if it's not my Lord.

— David Levithan

If it's not growing, it's going to die.

— Michael Eisner

I just feel tired now if people are shocked. If it's not for you, just don't bloody watch it.

— Chris Morris

The truth is, somebody is always talking about you, so you have to let it go ... if it's not a part of your God-given destiny.

— Joel Osteen

No, and if it's not your brain thinking cold, cold thoughts, which you can dress in any kind of mood, then it's nothing. It has to be a cold, cold thought. I mean cold, or cool at least. Your brain. That's all there is.

— Toni Morrison

You can't be different for different's sake, and this doesn't always work, but you have to separate yourself from the normal read. Of course, it has to be truthful. If it's not truthful, don't waste your time.

— Brad Pitt

If the movie is good then great, but if it's not then God, I feel so bad for that person with their face fifty feet tall, all blown up. Some people would be happy with that, that as long as their face was out there they're stoked about it. I'm not like that.

— Kristen Stewart

My mom always told me if I love what I'm doing and I'm having fun then just continue to do it. But if it's not fun for me anymore and I'm miserable, then I'm going to go back to Texas and quit it all, to be honest.

— Selena Gomez

If it's not your style to stretch and go the extra mile to make sure our customer experience is great, you're going to have an allergic reaction to this company. You probably won't stay. If you do try and stay, but can't adapt to the culture then it will reject you like a virus from a healthy immune system.

— Jeff Bezos

When it comes to marijuana, I think it's ridiculous to live in a country that espouses freedom, liberty and equality, yet won't follow through on a philosophy that says: "If it's not hurting anybody or their property, you can do any goddamn thing you want."

— Nick Offerman

I'm not much of a preparer. I think sometimes as an actor you need to go out and learn some skills, but in terms of preparation for understanding the character, it's all on the page, and if it's not on the page, you're in trouble.

— William H. Macy

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