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Ia Richards Quotes

When Viv Richards retired I thought it was end of entertainment. But then came Sehwag,the King of entertainment!
— Rameez Raja —

I'm tired of thinking and I'm really tired of Feeling.
-Jenna Richards

— Julius Lester

Oh my God. I'm not Keith Richards. I'm Otis from Mayberry! A fucking drunk!

— Dave Mustaine

Here have lived for more centuries than I can count, the obscure generations of my own obscure family. Not one of these Richards, Johns, Annes, Elizabeths have left a token of himself behind him, yet all, working together with their spades and their needles, their love-making and their child-bearing have left this.
-Viginia Woolf

— Virginia Woolf

The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children.

— Charlie Sheen

The back of the seat in front of Richards was a revelation in itself. There was a pocket with a safety handbook in it. In case of air turbulence, fasten your belt. If the cabin loses pressure, pull down the air mask directly over your head. In case of engine trouble, the stewardess will give you further instructions. In case of sudden explosive death, hope you have enough dental fillings to insure identification.

— Stephen King

I always thought I looked kind of like Keith Richards, and sometimes I think I look like Michael Jackson in his mug shot. But as I think Keith Richards is pretty great-looking, I'm embracing that part of me.

— Natalie Massenet

I love those Keith Richards solo records, but it's not the Rolling Stones.

— Nikki Sixx

Kazim-Richards - there's only one. You type it into Google and nothing else comes up. My first names were meant to be Colin Kazim but the registry office got it wrong. There is no-one with that name - not even my mum and dad - just me - I love it!

— Colin Kazim-Richards

I was reading an interview with Keith Richards in a magazine and in the interview Keith Richards intimated that kids should not do drugs. Keith Richards! Says that kids should not do drugs!
Keith, we can't do any more drugs because you already f-king did them all, alright? There's none left! We have to wait 'til you die and smoke your ashes! Jesus Christ! Talk about the pot
and the f-kin' kettle.

— Denis Leary

Gene Richards swings, the ball bounces foul and hits him in the head. No harm done.

— Jerry Coleman

I'm militantly anti-drug abuse but love everything Keith Richards and some other drug goofballs do.

— Ted Nugent

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