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I Would Never Cheat Quotes

Presidential campaign getting kind of ugly, did you hear about this? Yesterday, a 27-year-old woman came for to deny rumors that she had an affair with Democratic front-runner John Kerry. The woman added, I would never cheat on Bill Clinton.
— Conan OBrien —

I always told him, If I leave you, I'll divorce you and find somebody else if I want to. I would never cheat on you.

— Phil Robertson

Don't go tarring me with that brush! I'm nothing like him. I never cheat and I never lie. The woman I end up with would be my princess. I'd treat her
like damn royalty and worship the ground she walks on. I'd tell her every day how much I love her and every night how much she means to me. So
don't you ever tell me I'm like all the rest Amy. I'm not!

— Marie Coulson

He was a violent, unjust man. Why the plague germs spared him I can never understand. It would seem, in spite of our old metaphysical notions about absolute justice, that there is no justice in the universe. Why did he live?-an iniquitous, moral monster, a blot on the face of nature, a cruel, relentless, bestial cheat as well. All

— Jack London

He could cheat on me and he would never tell me, and he would think less and less of me for not figuring it out. He would see me across the breakfast table, innocently slurping cereal, and know that I am a fool, and how can anyone respect a fool?

— Gillian Flynn

Everyone just laughed. But then, I closed my eyes and deeply thought about the story of the tourist, deeply thinking about that story of how many times he was lied to and when he had only his head left, he still thankfully cried. And then, I understood it. Ahh, that's "love", isn't it? Am I right? Loss ... All sorts of pain ... He never thought about it. The tourist never thought of himself. And even though he's an idiot to lots of people, to me, he's not an idiot at all. A lot of people would take the chance to cheat him, but I would never do that. I would want to make him happy, and that's all.

— Natsuki Takaya

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