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I Was Just Thinking About You Quotes

You are hearing this song, and youre 16, and its a song about love, or a girl. And then maybe theres a girl at school that you like. So youre going to be thinking about that girl. That song is sort of about that girl. The songwriter doesnt know that girl, obviously. He wrote it for something else. But theres the specific meaning with the universal again.
— Craig Finn —

Alright so Evil Conevil, yeah. They're always asking him about that time he messed up. And the strangest question I've ever heard them ask is
'So evil what were you thinking right before you hit the ground?' how much stupider can you get?
'well, Bob. I was thinking, Hey! Did I leave the iron on? and when my lag broke in half, Hey! I should get a puppy! No! What do you think I was thinking? I was thinking AAAAAAAAA!!!!! AAAAAA!!!! AAAAAA!!!

— Brian Regan

That's how I stay on top baby. i look at life from every position. I play from every side. you gotta know what each man on the board is thinking down to the littlest mutherfucker like the pawn

— Sister Souljah

Epistrophe is the trope of obsession. It's the trope of emphasizing one point again and again. And it's the trope of not being able to escape that one conclusion, which is one of the reasons that songs are so suited to the idea of obsessive love, political certainty and other such unhealthy ideas. You can't reason in an epistrophic pop song. You can't seriously consider the alternatives, because the structure dictates that you'll always end up at the same point, thinking about the same girl and giving peace a chance.

— Mark Forsyth

Saw you with my brother." His gaze moves over me. "Guess that explains your attraction to me-he looks just like me."
His cocky grin fading when I roll my eyes in reponse.
"Well,you sure spend a lot of time thinking about me-searching for me-don't you,Santos?" he says,determined to make me admit the ridiculous.
"Don't flatter yourself,Coyote. It's an occupational hazard.Purely job related.

— Alyson Noel

The best thing about Caleb is not his perfect body, or his half smiles, or his even sexier voice ... it's his mannerisms. The teasing, the way he runs his thumbnail across his bottom lip when he's thinking, the way he bites his tongue when he's turned on. The way he makes me look at him when I have an orgasm. He can undress you with one look, make you feel like you're standing naked in front of him.I know from experience, it's a pleasure to be naked in front of Caleb.

— Tarryn Fisher

Daniel walked as tall and strong as Ian or Mac, even Hart. "They grow up so fast," Angelo said when he reacheed Cam.
Cameron glanced at him, thinking the man joking, but Angelo's dark eyes were serious.
"Chilhood is gone in the wink of an eye, and then they have to be men. You Anglos are strange, sending your sons out into the world as soon as they get tall enough. My family has been together forever."
"I notice you don't live with them, Angelo, so don't become sentimental. Besides my family is together. Just a bit spread out."
"Rich Anglos need too much space."
"That is true, but it keeps us from killing each other.

— Jennifer Ashley

I want to know what you're thinking, you want to know what I'm thinking. But we're alone. In our own minds. We're trapped in this sort of isolation.

— Wayne Coyne

Until you change a man's thinking, you cannot change his life, you cannot change his state and therefore cannot change his estate.
The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing. How far your vision can go is how much you can possess.

— Chris Oyakhilome

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