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I Think It's Funny Quotes

I think its funny how life can lead you down certain paths which you wouldnt have taken otherwise.
— Giovanna Fletcher —

I think it's funny how life can lead you down certain paths which you wouldn't have taken otherwise.

— Giovanna Fletcher

It's funny to think that Christmas - a time known for its joyful togetherness - can be the loneliest time of the year for some.

— Giovanna Fletcher

I think it's funny. There was a time when men were afraid that somebody would reveal some secret of theirs that was unknown to their fellows. Nowadays, they're afraid that somebody will name what everybody knows. Have you practical people ever thought that that's all it would take to blast your whole, big, complex structure, with all your laws and guns-just somebody naming the exact nature of what you're doing?

— Ayn Rand

I cried, sitting by her bed, and I told her the story of us. "It's about the feed," I said. "It's about this meg normal guy, who doesn't think about anything until one wacky day, when he meets a dissident with a heart of gold." I said, "Set against the backdrop of America in its final days, it's the high-spirited story of their love together, it's laugh-out-loud funny, really heartwarming, and a visual feast." I picked up her hand and held it to my lips. I whispered to her fingers. "Together, the two crazy kids grow, have madcap escapades, and learn an important lesson about love. They learn to resist the feed. Rated PG-13. For language," I whispered, "and mild sexual situations.

— M.T. Anderson

Well, I'm not afraid to say something if I think it's funny, even if it's harsh or racist.

— Sarah Silverman

I'm never afraid to try something if I think it's funny. And I know I'll regret it if I don't.

— Seann William Scott

I think it's funny because on 'Glee Project,' there's that added pressure, but with 'Glee,' there's no element of competition. No one's trying to dance better than anyone. But there's that added pressure of, 'So many people are going to watch 'Glee' this week. If I don't nail this dance, I look like an idiot.'

— Samuel Larsen

I think it's funny when people, they try to imitate the 'Chandelier' video. I think it's hilarious.

— Maddie Ziegler

Condoms seemed to her inherently wicked. But they were also inherently funny. They were like rubber gloves with only one finger, and every time she saw one she had to be severe with herself or she'd get the giggles, a terrifying thought because the man might think you were laughing at him, at his dick, at its size, and that would be fatal.

— Margaret Atwood

I have no line. If I think it's funny, it's funny.

— Joan Rivers

Sometimes I think what I write is funny in its quiet way.

— Doris Lessing

You don't know anything,' she said. 'If you knew one thing about this life you would not think it was so funny.'
Yvette put her hands on her hips. She shook her head slowly. 'Darlin,' she said. 'Life did take its gift back from yu and me in de diffren order, dat's all. Truth to tell, funny is all me got lef wid. An yu, darlin, all yu got lef is paperwork.

— Chris Cleave

The avant-garde theater is fun; it is free-wheeling, bold, iconoclastic, and often wildly, wildly funny. If you will approach it with childlike innocence
putting your standard responses aside, for they do not apply
if you will approach it on its own terms, I think you will be in for a liberating surprise. I think you may no longer be content with plays that you can't remember halfway down the block.

— Edward Albee

The idea of surprise is part of what makes something funny, or what gets a reaction. At least when I'm an audience member, after you hear a joke so many times it's not as funny because it loses its surprise or its twist. So I think funny has to do with surprise.

— Charlyne Yi

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