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I Ride Horses Quotes

Ive got to be able to get my time off whether its just enjoying my house or the peace and quiet of my family and being there and cooking for them. I love doing that. I also love doing leisure things. I ride horses. I love to shop. I love to drive!
— LisaRaye McCoy-Misick —

Morality is a easy horse to ride when all the horses are just black and white.

— Jury Nel

If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. (Dark-Hunter)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Oh, my. The Marques of Jonesborough requests that I join him for a ride in his phaeton this afternoon; only he fears my beauty will blind his horses." The end of the sentence was swallowed by Alex's own disbelieving giggle. "Surely he can't think I would take that seriously.

— Sarah MacLean

I have way too many hobbies. I play guitar, and my buddies and I record music in a studio in my house. I have a couple of vintage Jeeps I'm always working on, fixing up. And I ride horses - I grew up on a horse ranch - and play basketball. I need to cut back on my hobbies so I can work more.

— Riley Smith

One thing led to another and I didn't have to take tickets any more because I now worked for Mr. Rogers. He said if I was going to take care of his horses than I'd better learn how to ride. He was very kind to me.

— Glenn Ford

I learned how to horseback ride in English style, which is very hard, by the way. I had no idea how challenging it was. I've always ridden horses, but Western is like riding a horse in a rocking chair, as opposed to English, where you have to balance and hold on with your legs.

— Minka Kelly

Acting is sort of an extension of childhood. You get to play all of these roles and have so much fun. Playing an athlete would be so cool. Or where you get to shoot guns, ride horses. I wouldn't turn down any of that.

— Jon Hamm

I love to play games. I really like football, and I also like to ride horses.

— Mary-Kate Olsen

I wish we had horses to ride," Maria said. "In my happiness I would like to be on a good horse and ride fast with thee riding fast beside me and we would ride faster and faster, galloping, and never pass my happiness.

— Ernest Hemingway

A man must ride alternately on the horses of his private and his public nature.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fight, gentlemen of England! fight, bold yeomen!
Draw, archers, draw your arrows to the head!
Spur your proud horses hard, and ride in blood;
Amaze the welkin with your broken staves!

— William Shakespeare

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