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I Love You So Bad Quotes

Chessie ... shit, Chessie, I love you so bad." His teeth on her throat, biting hard, his lips soothing the spot. "So fucking much, so ... so bad.
— Stacia Kane —

I felt total bad about it, and empty. Granpa said he knew how I felt, for he was feeling the same way. But Granpa said everything you lost which you had loved give you that feeling. He said the only way round it was not to love anything, which was worse because you would feel empty all the time.

— Forrest Carter

Love is a thing that you can't take out of you. Once it's there, it doesn't go away, no matter what. Love can morph into hate and resentment, but it will always be there, buried under the bad feelings.

— Renee Carlino

My Zoe.
"You did right," I tell her. "You're better than I could ever be, you know that? 'Cause you do the right thing."
"You're so fucking beautiful. You're an angel. And you know-" I make a grasping, chesty sound. "You know fucking everything and ... everything, about me. And you still love me, don't you?"
She nods. Then she flings herself into my lap.
"I'm sorry," she chokes.
"You want to save me. Bad as I want to save you. I know about that."
- Will

— Kristin Halbrook

Grief sounds like a bad thing," I said, frowning. "Why don't you and Naha and Mama get rid of it?" "That would require removing love from existence.

— N.K. Jemisin

Are you suggesting we pull a little good cop, bad cop scenario on him? And You're even letting me be the bad cop?"
He bowed his head. "That, my pretera, is how much I love you."
"You have never been sexier than at this very moment."
"It is a shame we have so much company," he agreed quietly.

— Jennifer Rardin

Lucy could see that love unconfined, love outside convention, might well make a woman an unfit mother; you were one kind of woman or another: you were good or you were bad, as the world saw it, and no stations in between. They allowed you to choose; you could be the maternal or the erotic, but not a bit of both. The latter made you forget the former. Men married the maternal and then longed for the erotic. Or they married the erotic by mistake, and set about making it into the maternal, and then were just as disappointed.

— Fay Weldon

If you love freedom, if you think the human condition is dignified by privacy, by the right to be left alone, by the right to explore your weird ideas provided you don't hurt others, then you have common cause with the kids whose web-browsers and cell phones are being used to lock them up and follow them around.
If you believe that the answer to bad speech is more speech - not censorship - then you have a dog in the fight.
If you believe in a society of laws, a land where our rulers have to tell us the rules, and have to follow them too, then you're part of the same struggle that kids fight when they argue for the right to live under the same Bill of Rights that adults have.

— Cory Doctorow

Dad, I wrote. I'm with Alice. Edward's in trouble. You can ground me when I get back. I know it's a bad time. So sorry. Love you so much. Bella.

— Stephenie Meyer

You have to choose between two bad options, you pick the one that saves the people you love.

— Veronica Roth

You don't have to feel bad to act kindly. Love doesn't stand by, it moves with the speed of clarity.

— Byron Katie

In order to develop love - universal love, cosmic love, whatever you would like to call it one must accept the whole situation of life as it is, both the light and the dark, the good and the bad. One must open oneself to life, communicate with it.

— Chogyam Trungpa

If you love music hear it; go to operas, concerts, and pay fiddlers to play to you; but I insist upon your neither piping nor fiddling yourself. It puts a gentleman in a very frivolous, contemptible light; brings him into a great deal of bad company; and takes up a great deal of time, which might be much better employed.

— Lord Chesterfield

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