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As an actress I find the most enjoyable part of acting is really just to please the director. I just want to please my director.
— Joan Chen —

I don't want to talk." Dan's neck muscles tensed resisting Vadim's hand.
He didn't know the words and he didn't want to search for them. "I just want to feel." But no, that wasn't it. "I want to feel human.

— Aleksandr Voinov

I just want to entertain; that is my main objective and what comes before everything else.

— PewDiePie

I've learned that winning isn't everything, and it's more about the journey. But at the end of the day, I just want to stand on the podium with the gold medal.

— Hope Solo

Ten years into it, I can finally go, 'Oh, I just want to make a record that's fun to make and I don't have to prove that I deserve to be here.'

— Michelle Branch

I just want to keep doing things completely different from the other. I just want to keep working with great people, great filmmakers and great actors and just building on that experience.

— Christopher Egan

As an actress I find the most enjoyable part of acting is really just to please the director. I just want to please my director.

— Joan Chen

I just want to make stories. They don't have to have a moral or a reason. There might be some mild cautionary notes, but they're not moral. They don't impart any Judeo-Christian ethic of any kind.

— Neko Case

I've never been in this business for the recognition or the awards. I just want to do good work, grab a decent paycheck, and move onto the next job.

— William Petersen

I just want to tell a good story, so I always ask myself, 'Are these people real to me?'

— Ruth Rendell

Mom told me ... it's better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people aren't born with kind hearts. When we're born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But she said that kindness is something that grows inside of each person's body ... but it's up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That's why kindness is different for each person. Mom taught me that people's differences are something to celebrate ... When I thought of all the different shapes of human kindness
imaging them as round or square ... I got really excited. Your kindness is like a candle, Sohma-kun. I can feel it light up ... and I just want to smile. -Tohru

— Natsuki Takaya

For as long as I've been making movies, I really don't know a lot of the technical side. I mean, I've actively and consciously tried to avoid learning that stuff. I just want to be open and receptive to what's happening in the moment, and I don't want to force anything.

— Joaquin Phoenix

I used to envy kids who had an old-fashioned Grandpa. Not any more. I've got a new ambition. Now I just want to become a modern-type Grandpa myself-and really start living.

— Hal Boyle

Personally, I just want to work on stuff that challenges me, that excites me, and that I think is original. You want to do something that does to other people what films do to you. It's the most wonderful thing in the world when you can lose yourself from reality and go into a story, and believe it and go on that journey with people, and you have to work that will somehow do that. It won't always, but hopefully sometimes.

— Harry Treadaway

I just want to be happy. I want to be happy and be able to finish my career in the right way.

— Brandon Jacobs

I want to be alone ... I just want to be alone.

— William A. Drake

One of our first customers asked me how big we want to be. I said I want to be really big. Later, it bothered me that I answered that way. Now I say I just want to be a great company.

— Kevin Plank

I just want to say that um, I'm just really, really shocked at like how nice our world is because it's just so nice. Like oh my God! Like, the other day, like I was sitting there and I saw these magazines and they said I was pregnant, and like, it's so true. Like America, believe everything you read. Because, like, you're smart and I'm stupid. Like for real. Come on y'all.

— Britney Spears

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