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I Can't Do It All Quotes

What we need is to understand that women wont often apply for a job until theyre almost 95% qualified. So they tick the box and say, If I cant do it all, I cant be qualified. Men look at the same job, and as long as they get to about 60%, theyll apply.
— Jenny Shipley —

I hate them!' she cried. 'It's not fair!'
'No, it isn't,' Frederick said gently.
'I can't do it all!'
'No. You can't.' After a long moment he said, 'But you can do what you can.'
'And what if that isn't enough?'
Frederick held her shoulders and took a step back. He looked in her eyes. 'Enough for what?'
'For my family.'
'What more could they ask for than what you've given?

— Matthew J. Kirby

I want someone to love me for me, faults and all.
Someone who cant fall asleep without being her last call.
Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello.
Someone who will hold my hand and not let it go.
Someone who means it when she says, 'I will leave you never.'
Someone who looks into my eyes and sees her ... Forever.

— José N. Harris

... but you cant get all hung up on details when you are trying to survive ...

— Sapphire

It is the most sweet and comfortable knowledge; to be studying Jesus Christ, what is it but to be digging among all the veins and springs of comfort? And the deeper you dig, the more do these springs flow upon you. How are hearts ravished with the discoveries of Christ in the gospel? what ecstasies, meltings, transports, do gracious souls meet there? Doubtless, Philip's ecstasy, John 1: 25. 'eurekamen Iesoun,' 'We have found Jesus,' was far beyond that of Archimedes. A believer could sit from morning to night, to hear discourses of Christ; 'His mouth is most sweet', Cant. [i.e., Song of Solomon] 5: 16.

— John Flavel

Of all the cants which are canted in this canting world, - though the cant of hypocrites may be the worst, - the cant of criticism is the most tormenting!

— Laurence Sterne

I stil aint qwite said how it wer. Not like a diffrent country. It wer mor like I wer behynt the back clof in a show. Thats how it wer. Thru the clof I cud see the other figgers moving I cud see the peopl watching only no 1 cud see me. If I wer a figger in a show what hand wer moving me then? I cudnt be bothert to think on that right then. Theres all ways some thingwl be moving you if it aint 1 thing its a nother you cant help that.

— Russell Hoban

Well, if you did, you'd be wrong. It is much, much smaller. Try this: Imagine you're still holding that tiny grain of sand. Now not just the beach you are on, but all the beaches all over the planet, all of them, all down the coast of California and the East Coast from Maine down to Florida and on the Indian Ocean and off the coasts of Africa. Imagine all that sand, all those beaches everywhere in the world and now look at that grain of sand you're holding and still, still, our entire solar system-forget our planet-is smaller than that compared to the rest of the universe. Can you even comprehend how insignifi- cant we are?

— Harlan Coben

I stay up nights and fiddle with my opera designs. It's a bit obsessive. That's why I can't do it all the time.

— David Hockney

Okay. I wish for world peace," Weetzie said. "I am sorry," the genie said. "I cant grant that wish. Its out of my league." "Then I wish for an infinite number of wishes!" Those people on fairy tales never thought of that. "People in fairy tales wish for that all the time," the genie said. "They arent stupid. It just isnt in the records because I cant grant that type of wish.

— Francesca Lia Block

We were fortunate his brief psychic vision distracted him from what his fingertips could have told him about my face.
Of course we were aware that temporary clairvoyance was a lame and unlikely explanation. The ordering of this world, however is so abstruce, so deep and complex, most explanations that people to make sense of moments of strange experience are inadequate. Our very existence as thinking creatures is an astonishment that cant be solved. Every human cell, with its thousands of protein chains, is more complex than a 747 or the largest cruise ship, in fact more complex than the two combined. All life on earth, in its extravagant variety, offers itself for study, but though we probe to ever deeper layers of its structure, the meaning eludes us.
There is no end of wonders and mysteries: fireflies and music boxes, the stars that outnumber all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world.

— Dean Koontz

Love like ours has always suffered ... we both knew that when we went into it. Love like ours have always been hated ... Society does everything it can to prevent love like ours and what it cant prevent, it destroys. Secured married American men don't like to think their wives have the right to live them-not for love, which has never bought anything yet. And securely married American women who have been talked into believing it, know they have been duped, that's why they hate that kind of love worst of all because they have all had to sacrifice it for security and hate themselves for doing it so much they don't want anybody else to have a chance at it.

— James Jones

Current cant equates fantasy with escapism, and current fashion would have it that fantasy is both easy to read and to write. It isn't. When it is done honestly, by a skillful writer, fantasy takes us far enough beyond our daily perceptions to open us to the essential realities beneath it. This is the true goal of all art.

— Ellen Kushner

If the fans think I'm a savior, that's fine. But they have to understand I'm one of 25 guys. I can't do it all.

— Mark Prior

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