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I Can Never Lose You Quotes

You see what I mean? Being rich must be a condition, much like sickness or health. Say you are rich, you might, in some mysterious way, be rich forever, but however much money you have, you never feel properly rich. Maybe you need to believe in your wealth in order to be properly rich - I mean, the way saints and revolutionaries believe they are different. And you cant afford to feel guilty if you are rich: if you felt guilty for a second youd be finished. The not-truly-rich, those who have visions of the poor while indulging in a beefsteak and drinking Champagne, will eventually lose out, because they are insincere in their wealth. Theyre not rich out of conviction, they are only pretending, cowardly, sneakily, to be rich. You have to be very disciplined to be rich. You can perform a few charitable acts, but only as a kind of a fig leaf.
— Sandor Marai —

So how can you lose what you've never owned?

— Lew Brown

Have you ever been in love?"
"Colin. For the love of God."
"I have," he said bluntly. "And when you lose love, it tears a hole out of you. The pain can be gruesome. I thought I lost Madeline once, and I swear for a few days I thought I might never be whole again."
"Perhaps you should write a poem about it. Add another verse to your song.

— Julie Anne Long

I've never forgotten a word of advice my father gave to me. 'Never lose sight of your dream,' he said 'Of that person you want to be. You can make it come true, No matter how high or how far, If all down the way In your living each day, You never forget who you are.' 'For the you-that-you-are this minute, this day; Is molding the you-that-will-be, And every action and thought and word is shaping its entity.' 'It's a good thing,' he said 'To look on ahead and fix your gaze on a star, if along the way in your living each day you never forget who you are.

— Helen Lowrie Marshall

You should never lose heart. God is merciful and kind- he has endowed you with the best gift- smile, which can make millions happy.

— Mother Teresa

How can you lose something you never had, I tell myself when I'm feeling sad.

— Elvis Presley

Italians can never win from you, but you can lose to them.
(when asked about Ajax's chances in the 1995 Champs League final against AC Milan)

— Johan Cruijff

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