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I Am The Way I Am Quotes

I need to punish her. You need her. Just her. Nothing else. Ignoring my minds voice, I look at my prey. Shes the reason I am the way I am. Its all her fault. And shes going to pay.
— Belle Aurora —

Vestigial remnants of hunter behavior manifests itself as douchebaggery in males when confronted with the emasculating role of modern man, where they are no longer expected to provide food, shelter, or even spiritual guidance for their families but rather stay out of the way until it's time to perform in the bedroom.

— Kevin Hearne

I thinks Its cute that you call my house Home. By the way, it Is my house. My name is on the deed. - Daemon Black

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

We were on the patio, Tristan grilling us burgers, as we watched the kids playing in the their park of a backyard.
... I pointed a Nikolaj, huddled together with Imogen. "No fucking way," I told Tristan. "That right there is not happening."
He curled his lip at me, waving a hand at Cleo and Duncan. They were holding hands. They were only six, but that wasn't the point. "What about that right there? What the ever-loving fuck is up with that? I'll tell you right now I won't stand for it.

— R.K. Lilley

A bit of theory as we settle down for lunch: the waiter's treatment of Kitty is actually a kind of sandwich, with the bottom bread being the bored and slightly effete way he normally acts with customers, the middle being the crazed and abnormal way he feels around this famous nineteen-year-old girl, and the top bread being his attempt to contain and conceal this alien middle layer with some mode of behavior that at least approximates the bottom layer of boredom and effeteness that is his norm.

— Jennifer Egan

The only way you can learn about making films is by making them, by putting your stamp on the thing.

— Stephen Frears

I am the way I am. If you like me because I'm glamorous, so be it. If you like me, because I speak well or I have a brain and opinion, so be it.

— Malaika Arora Khan

Watercolor is not my way of expression.
[Vincent Van Gogh]

— Irving Stone

Each of us is a product of our family, environment, friends, education, culture, and society. These conditions lead to a certain way of seeing things and a certain way of responding to things. When we see this, we have compassion for everyone, including ourselves. We see that if we want something to change, we also have to help change his or her family, environment, friends, education, culture, and society. We are responsible, directly or indirectly, for each person's consciousness attitudes.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

You could make your fingers reproduce exactly what you felt, if you really worked at it. I achieved it, not only spending a lot of time at the keyboard but finding ways I could make my fingers reproduce my deepest feelings. It meant, when you hit a note with a finger, you sank into that note all the way to the bottom of the keyboard until it went pow! Right? ...

— Lennie Tristano

Kindness, as we will see, has many facets. But its essence is as simple as can be. We will find that kindness is a way of making _less_ effort. It is the most economic attitude there is, because it saves us much energy that we might otherwise waste in suspicion, worry, resentment, manipulation, or unnecessary defense. It is an attitude that, by eliminating the inessential, brings us back to the simplicity of being.

— Piero Ferrucci

I like to let the actors work the way they want to.

— Kenneth Lonergan

There is no better day than today to do the things you've been putting off. Take action; it's the only way to change your life!

— Hal Elrod

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