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I Am Going To Smile Quotes

Whenever they tell me children want this sort of book and children need this sort of writing, I am going to smile politely and shut my earlids. I am a writer, not a caterer. There are plenty of caterers. But what children most want and need is what we and they dont know they want and dont think they need, and only writers can offer it to them.
— Ursula K. Le Guin —

Will you be okay or is there something I could help you with?"
"I'm just going to change in to comfy clothes and hit the sheets."
"And what's the verdict on whether or not you want my help with that?" He flashed a cocky smile at me. He was undeniably sexy, in an "I-have-poison-blood-in-my-veins" sort of way.

— Kelly Hashway

Ben, everything is going to get better," he heard her say in the void. "Really. It has to get better, because it can't get worse."
Ben opened his eyes with a jolt, staring at himself in the mirror. That's not true, he suddenly thought. It can definitely get worse. As he nodded at Sara and pretended to smile, he understood that it was the first intelligent thought he had ever had.

— Dara Horn

Leonardo had felt so too. "I got her bloody smile right in the roughs," he told Crowley, sipping cold wine in the lunchtime sun, "but it went all over the place when I painted it. Her husband had a few things to say about it when I delivered it, but, like I tell him, Signor del Giocondo, apart from you, who's going to see it?

— Terry Pratchett

A smile can save a life. Did you know that there's scientific evidence that smiling can boost your immune system and help you live a longer and happier life, not to mention that it makes the people around you happier too because smiling is contagious? There was a time I was going through security at an airport and out of nowhere a TSA agent smiled at me, and it changed my entire day. When you make someone else's day brighter, it makes your day better too. Goal: Smile often-you never know whose day you will brighten. You never know the impact one smile will have on someone's life.

— Demi Lovato

The knowledge of what is mine and what is not mine, what I can and cannot do. I must die. But must I die bawling? I must be exiled; but is there anything to keep me from going with a smile, calm and self-composed?

— Epictetus

They're getting crazier every day, the whole world's going crazy. And you got to take your mind out to keep your smile in place.

— Wilhelmina Baird

I'm working on a mixtape called I Made Hip-Hop Smile. It's going to be a free online mixtape. I think it's going to get some crazy buzz. We have a few marketing campaigns, that I think are going to make it pull through.

— SonReal

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