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I Am Bitter Quotes

I am bitter sometimes but the taste has often been sweet.
— Charles Bukowski —

In the long run - everyone is different, but we are all human. Everyone deserves love no matter what they look like, everyone needs faith in their life, hope in their heart, and love to give for otherwise life will be terrible. Everyone makes mistakes, NO ONE is perfect (yes that means YOU reading this and it means ME as well). I believe we all need to be more accepting, less judgmental, more loving, less bitter, and more willing to look past the flaws at the person inside.

— Megan Wilson

Our most bitter enemies are our own kith and kin. Kings have no brothers, no sons, no mother!

— Honore De Balzac

According to then current laws of war, the besieged could make terms if they surrendered, but not if they forced a siege to its bitter end, so presumably Charles felt no compunctions.

— Barbara W. Tuchman

It is so much more difficult to live with one's body than with one's soul. One's body is so much more exacting: what it won't have it won't have, and nothing can make bitter into sweet.

— D.H. Lawrence

I learned a long time ago, if you want to keep your friends in show business, don't get famous. Because as soon as you get famous, a lot of the people you used to know, who didn't, become incredibly bitter and jealous. It's part of the territory.

— Denis Leary

And then he knew that war is no good, because vanquishing a man is as bitter as being vanquished.

— Albert Camus

Now, when you boys get home, you're gonna see a lot of war protestors. But don't be bitter. Go up to one, shake his hand, and smile. Then wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy.

— Tommy Franks

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