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I Am A Big Fan Quotes

I am a big fan of the electronic book. I hate to see the old bookstores close, but they have to reinvent themselves. I believe the First Edition bookstore will be the next thing. People will read electronically, then decide they want to own that book. The author will then be invited to the old bookstores to sign. I think books will always be with us, but they will fill a different need.
— Nikki Giovanni —

I love you more than words. And I am a big fan of words.

— Joe Dunthorne

I'm not a big music fan. Well, I am a big fan, but I'm not the type of person who buys stuff.

— Peter Shilton

I am a big fan of Chad Johnson. I think that I would compare myself to him as well.

— Jacoby Jones

I am a big fan of the old Howard Hawks films from the 30s and 40s, I was a big Hepburn and Tracey fan for a while and Woody Allen films that are a very different kind of romantic comedy.

— Edward Burns

I've seen all the Batman movies in the theater opening weekend. I was a big Batman fan, definitely.

— Robin Lord Taylor

I am a big fan of the web comic 'Strong Female Protagonist,' illustrated by Molly Ostertag.

— Alethea Kontis

I'm not a big fan of psychoanalysis: I think if you have mental problems what you need are good pills. But I do think that if you have thinks that bother you, things that are unresolved, the more that you talk about them, write about them, the less serious they become.

— Stephen King

I mainly read histories and biographies, but I'm also a big fan of Graham Swift and Thomas Hardy.

— Ben Elliot

I'm a big fan of Coach Dorrell. I watched UCLA football for many, many years. I've grown accustomed to the Pac-10 style.

— Brian Bosworth

I was a big 'X-Files' fan. I always lamented that I never got to be on 'The X-Files'.

— Michael Cerveris

I am a big fan of horror movies but I had never thought that I had wanted to act in one because I don't think that actors get to do much in them. They're usually just reacting.

— Julia Stiles

I am a big fan of the TV series 'Taxi' which combined comedy and pathos better than any other show I've seen.

— Douglas Wood

I'm a big fan of Italian neo-realism and all of that stuff.

— David Ayer

I was always a big Justice League fan. I always loved Batman, Superman - I have a weird Martian Manhunter fixation.

— David Liss

I am a big fan of photography, more of being behind the camera - so when I get the opportunity to work with such great photographers, I always try and learn from their technique.

— Penelope Cruz

I'm a big fan of songs like Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful' and Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' - songs that go straight to the point.

— Bruno Mars

I am a big fan of smelly cheeses but the rest of the family don't seem to be particularly keen on them.

— Johnny Vegas

I am a big fan of Jim Jarmusch, and I do love big screen documentaries.

— Martin Parr

Eric Peters' music is at the top of what gets played around my house, in my car and while I am running. I am a big fan. He writes incredibly honest and poetic lyrics coupled with memorable pop melodies and I can think of no better combination.

— Jill Phillips

I'm a big fan of doing what you are really bad at. A lot.

— Shaun White

I'm not a big fan of western movies and I really don't like cowboy-indian movies. I have never watched them.

— Heath Ledger

I am the doctor of our family, and I am a big fan of homeopathy.

— Cindy Crawford

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