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Home Alarm Quotes

Hey, Ivashkov! Open up. " Avery argued. She kept pounding on the door and yelling, and finally, Adrian answered. His hair stuck up at odd angles, and he had dark circles under his eyes. Hed drunk twice as much as Lissa last night. "What ... ?" He blinked. "Shouldnt you guys be in class? Oh God. I didnt sleep that much, did I? " "Let us in, " said Avery, pushing past. "Weve got refugees from a fire here. " She flounced onto his couch, making herself at home while he continued staring. Lissa and Christian joined her. "Avery sprang the fire alarm, " explained Lissa. "Nice work, " said Adrian, collapsing into a fluffy chair. "But whyd you have to come here? Is this the only place thats not burning down? " Avery batted her eyelashes at him. "Arent you happy to see us? " He eyed her speculatively for a moment. "Always happy to see you.
— Richelle Mead —

They want to hold a seance and go dressed as bunnies."
"What kind of bunnies?" he asked suspiciously.
"Playboy, I think. Whatever that means."
"That sounds about right." Xavier laughed. "But don't let them talk you into anything you don't feel comfortable with."
"They're my friends."
"So what?" He shrugged. "If your friends walked off a cliff, would you do it too?"
"Why would they walk off a cliff?" I asked in alarm. "Is someone having problems at home?"
Xavier laughed. "It's just an expression."
"It's silly," I told him. "Do you think I should go as an angel? Like in the film version of Romeo and Juliet?"
"There would be a certain irony in that," Xavier said, smirking. "An angel posing as a human posing as an angel.
I like it.

— Alexandra Adornetto

He had come home late with take-out Thai and slammed into the sofa and tried to watch a movie, but kept drifting from it to the screen of his laptop. This was part of Corporation 9592's strategy; they had hired psychologists, invested millions in a project to sabotage movies-yes, the entire medium of cinema-to get their customers/players/addicts into a state of mind where they simply could not focus on a two-hour-long chunk of filmed entertainment without alarm bells going off in their medullas telling them that they needed to log on to T'Rain and see what they were missing.

— Neal Stephenson

I got a smoke alarm at home, but really it's more like a 9-volt-battery-slowly-drainer.

— Mitch Hedberg

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