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Holy Cow Quotes

When the God enter into your house, he not enter looking like the God. He enter looking like human being. God enter my life looking like Maggie. "Holy cow," Maggie say, laughing. "I
— Thrity Umrigar —

I walked stiffly past the worst hussy of them all: my former BFF, who'd apparently decided to move in. Jessica had been at the restaurant every day for over two weeks. Most days more than once. I knew she was hot for my man, but holy cow.
Clearly I'd have to say yes to Reyes soon. This was getting ridiculous. he needed a ring on his finger
and fast.

— Darynda Jones

What? Was that a laugh? (Delphine)
No. (Jericho)
Yes, it was. I heard it. Holy cow, call Hermes to spread the news. I think I just started the end of the world ... it has to be a sign of the apocalypse. (Delphine)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

She nodded, grabbed her purse out of the drawer and skedaddled, walking like she was on a catwalk, one foot in front of the other, her ass swaying under the skirt of her expensive, tailored suit.
Bitch. I thought again, watching her go.
"No comparison," Luke said after the door closed behind Dawn and I turned to him.
"Excuse me?"
"Dawn's a man eater. You're not. No comparison," Luke answered and I didn't know how to take that.
"Is that good?"
The half-smile came back.
"Most men prefer to do the eating."
Holy fucking cow.

— Kristen Ashley

He doesn't look like a CEO-he looks like a bad boy from the wrong side of town. Holy cow, he's so fucking sexy.

— E.L. James

Holy cow, he's so fucking sexy.

— E.L. James

Holy cow, in the course of one week I feel like I've lived about a year!

— Karlie Kloss

The cow was not an Indian cow; therefore it was not holy?

— Kiran Desai

Wrinkles only go where smiles have been.

— Jimmy Buffett

What shocked me, and what I wasn't prepared for, was just how brutal and how unethical some people can be in the NFL. I mean, there were some great people, but there were some real snakes, too. I was like, 'Holy cow!' But it made me a better person, and it got me ready for other things.

— Terry Crews

He opened the next door in line, raised the VPX 4000 and fired off a shot.
A woman yelled at the same instant the flash exploded. Not Lillian, he realized. Someone else. This room was inhabited. Not frozen aliens. Warm bodies.
Two figures were illuminated in the intense light. A man with a serious erection dressed in a pair of red bikini briefs and a woman in a black leather bustier and high-heeled black boots.
J. Anderson Flint and Marilyn Thornley.
"Holy cow," Gabe said. "A.Z. was right. But it's worse than she thought. Wait'll she hears that they've thawed out two of the frozen alien life-forms.

— Jayne Ann Krentz

Our freedom is our sacred cow; no one should touch it! We must be very pious in this holy matter.

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

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