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His Eyes Are Like Quotes

His eyes are like a telescope. I look into them and Im transported across the universe to a world Ive never been.
— Julie Anne Peters —

She really liked you, Noah,'
'Yeah, well, maybe I'm just an asshole.'
I realize my hand is still in his hair and I retract it quickly. He grabs it, holds it against him. You're not an asshole I'm thinking, but for some reason I can't say it. It would be like admitting something else; like the fact that he's an asshole to every girl who likes him, but never to me. And then I'd have to really think about why that is and that's not something I'll ever be comfortable with at all, even though his eyes are like maps and his words are like anchors and his songs are like personal messages and I love all that.
- Chloe

— Becky Wicks

He said that hate makes the world go round
People are afraid of what they really want
They make enemies of all the things that they would like to be
They condition themselves to not embrace what they are
Love is a clinging nausea
I tried to disagree with him
It was no use
I never saw a more honest look in anyone's eyes.

— Henry Rollins

Razor, calm down. Say hi to our new friends."
The gremlin, now perched on Keirran's arm, turned to stare at us with blazing green eyes and started crackling like a bad radio station.
"They can't understand you, Razor," Keiran said mildly. "English."
"Oh," said the gremlin. "Right." It grinned widely, baring a mouthful of sharp teeth that glowed neon-blue. "Hiiiiiiii.

— Julie Kagawa

My eyes narrowed. "And you'll take me right home after we see it?"
"If that's what you want," he said softly, running his thumb along my cheekbone. "But I'd be tempted to see if I could convince you to stop acting like the proper lady your mother wants you to be."
"So you did hear her." I groaned, blushing.

— Andrea Cremer

I would like to have seen the world with eyes incapable of anything but wonder, and with a tongue fluent only in praise.

— Pat Conroy

It's offense you maybe can't live with because it opens up a crack inside your thinking, and if you look down into it you see there are evil things down there, and they have little yellow eyes that don't blink, and there's a stink down there in that dark and after a while you think maybe there's a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything, he would have told them if he could. Go to your church and listen to your stories about Jesus walking on the water, but if I saw a guy doing that I'd scream and scream and scream. Because it wouldn't look like a miracle to me. It would look like an offense.

— Stephen King

She's pretty in an unsophisticated way, like a Midwestern farm girl, and you can see the wide-open prairies behind her, the blue-skied meadows in her eyes.

— Jonathan Tropper

Something new is blowing. On a downtown Kingston wall: IMF-Is Manley Fault. General election called for October 30, 1980. Somebody is driving you through Bavaria, near the Austrian border. A hospital sprouting out of the forest like magic. Hills in the background tipped with snow like cake icing. You meet the tall and frosty Bavarian, the man who helps the hopeless. He smiles but his eyes are set too far back and they vanish in the shadow of his brow. Cancer is a red alert that the whole body is in danger, he says. Thank God the food he forbids, Rastafari had forbidden long time. A sunrise is a promise. Something new is blowing. November 1980. A new party wins the general election and the man who killed me steps up to the podium with his brothers to take over the country. He has been waiting for so long he leaps up the stairs and trips.

— Marlon James

I'm not going to waste my energy looking into the eyes of someone like the guy who blew my legs off trying to find a way to forgive him for doing something that horrible when there are way more productive ways I could be spending my life. You've got to focus on moving on.

— Augusten Burroughs

His eyes are like a telescope. I look into them and I'm transported across the universe to a world I've never been.

— Julie Anne Peters

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