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Hilarious Good Quotes

Oh come on,Pheobe continued. Youre asking for it. Pale skin, black clothes, no lunch and that whole brooding thing? Its hilarious. You should get body glitter and go after an unsuspecting freshman. You should! Cassidy agreed. Tell her youre a dangerous monster. And mention how good her blood smells. Wrong time of the month on that one, and Im getting slapped, I muttered, and everyone laughed.
— Robyn Schneider —

I fart, you fart, he farts, she farts.
Let's not deny it, people. Farting is a regular, healthy, and hilarious part of life. Squeezing out big plumes of noxious gas doesn't always smell good, but it generally feels might fine.

— Neil Pasricha

With the utmost love and attention the man who walks must study and observe every smallest living thing, be it a child, a dog, a fly, a butterfly, a sparrow, a worm, a flower, a man, a house, a tree, a hedge, a snail, a mouse, a cloud, a hill, a leaf, or no more than a poor discarded scrap of paper on which, perhaps, a dear good child at school has written his first clumsy letters. The highest and the lowest, the most serious and the most hilarious things are to him equally beloved, beautiful, and valuable.

— Robert Walser

As a director, you can't stop a guy if he thinks something's hysterical, because if you do, then he'll get depressed because he thinks he didn't come up with a good joke. So if a guy's going on some run and it's killing him, and he thinks it's hilarious, you gotta do enough so that he thinks you can use it in the movie.

— Evan Goldberg

Steve Buscemi is hilarious. He's really, really good with improv.

— Steve Carell

I was very excited to hone in on John Goodman. Casting John first really set the tone. He's very good at being terrifying and being hilarious, and I loved the idea of that character not being merely 'moustache-twirly'. I enjoyed being scared by him.

— Dan Trachtenberg

I remember stepping off and thinking that it might not be a good idea to let anyone know that I'm a homosexual, which is hilarious because I'm probably the gayest man I know. I had these huge dreams and they came to fruition so quickly.

— Leslie Jordan

I love Queen. Not all of it. Some of it, I can't get into. But "Don't Stop Me Now" is a pretty hilarious song. It's a good pick-me-up in the car.

— Charlie Day

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