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Hi Fi English Quotes

The modern haematologist, instead of describing in English what he can see, prefers to describe in Greek what he cant.
— Richard Asher —

Simple English is no one's mother tongue. It has to be worked for.

— Jacques Barzun

I cried in English, I cried in french, I cried in all the languages, because tears are the same all around the world.

— Miranda July

Modern poetry, for me, began not in English at all but in Spanish, in the poems of Lorca.

— W.S. Merwin

Should, is the worst word
in the English language. People always think things "should" be a certain way, and when they're
not, they're disappointed.

— Candace Bushnell

I've chickened out. Because what if he says no? What if he says yes? What if he bludgeons me with a chisel? What if the English guy is there? What if he isn't? What if he bludgeons me with a chisel? What if my m other breaks stone as easily as clay? What if this rash on my arm is leprosy? Etc.

— Jandy Nelson

I grew up listening to English music.

— Ryan Tedder

When I look at my clothes, I think of them as an expression of the joy and fun of fashion - with a bit of English eccentricity thrown in.

— Suzy Menkes

The English never smash in a face. They merely refrain from asking it to dinner.

— Margaret Halsey

The larger part of the 50,000 English stocking knitters and their families did not fully emerge from the hunger and misery entailed by the introduction of the machine for the next forty years.

— Henry Hazlitt

As languages go, English is pretty user friendly. If you look at a tiny language spoken somewhere that most of us have never heard of, chances are it's going to be so complicated that you have a hard time imagining how people can walk around speaking it without having a stroke.

— John McWhorter

The attempts to command the climate and decide about the temperature on our planet are wrong and arrogant. I wrote a book about it which was published in English under the title 'Blue Planet in Green Shackles.'

— Vaclav Klaus

I think we are wise, we English speakers, to savor accents. They teach us things about our own tongue.

— Anne Rice

The Procrustean bed ... suggests itself with dispiriting aptness as a metaphor for the Culture Wars, right down to the blandishments with which Procrustes must have lured his guests over the threshold. (I picture him as a handsome fellow with a large vocabulary and an oleaginous tongue, not unlike the chairmen of many English departments.) There's just one crucial difference. Sometimes Procrustes lopped off his victims, and sometimes he stretched them, but the Culture Wars always lop. I have never seen cultural politics enlarge a work of literature, only diminish it.

— Anne Fadiman

In England, I've never had to drive myself to work. I don't think the English producers trust actors to get up at five A.M. and get to the set on time.

— Gina Bellman

All of these teeth had once been in real, live people. They had talked and smiled and eaten and sang and cursed and prayed. They had brushed and flossed and died. In English class, we read poems about death, but here, right in front of me was a poem about death too.

— Gabrielle Zevin

I appeal to the contemptible speech made lately by Sir Robert Peel to an applauding House of Commons. 'Orders of merit,' said he, 'were the proper rewards of the military' (the desolators of the world in all ages). 'Men of science are better left to the applause of their own hearts.' Most learned Legislator! Most liberal cotton-spinner! Was your title the proper reward of military prowess? Pity you hold not the dungeon-keys of an English Inquisition! Perhaps Science, like creeds, would flourish best under a little persecution.

— John Joseph Griffin

We do not for example say that the person has a perfect knowledge of some language L similar to English but still different from it. What we say is that the child or foreigner has a 'partial knowledge of English' or is 'on his or her way' towards acquiring knowledge of English, and if they reach this goal, they will then know English.

— Noam Chomsky

Howbeit, though no scholar, I am not one of those who misuse the English speech, and, being foolishly led by the hasty custom of scriveners and printers to write the letters "T" and "H" joined together, which resembleth a "Y," do incontinently jump to the conclusion the THE is pronounced "Ye,"
the like of which I never heard in all England.

— Bret Harte

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