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Head Shave Quotes

My only writing ritual is to shave my head bald between writing the first and second drafts of a book. If I can throw away all my hair, then I have the freedom to trash any part of the book on the next rewrite.
— Chuck Palahniuk —

My life sucks. So I shave my head.

— Cecil Castellucci

She gestured toward his very fine chest with her pencil. "On the off chance I find out after we're married that your declaration of abiding love and devotion has been an elaborate con job perpetrated by you, Bodie, and Scary Spice ... "
He massaged her arch. "I definitely wouldn't lose too much sleep over that."
"Just in case. You will give me all you worldly goods, shave your head, and leave the country."
"Plus, you have to hand out your Sox tickets so I can burn them in front of your eyes.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

She'd wanted to completely shave her head: I don't want long hair, I don't want short hair, I don't want hair at all, and I don't want to be a girl or a boy, I want to be a yellow and orange leaf some little kid picks up and pastes in his scrapbook.

— Sherman Alexie

When I finish a film, I like to drastically change my appearance. I get sick of looking at the same thing in the mirror for months at a time. So when a film's over, I'll do something like shave my head.

— Ethan Embry

There are apothecaries' shops, where prepared medicines, liquids, ointments, and plasters are sold; barbers' shops, where they wash and shave the head; and restaurateurs, that furnish food and drink at a certain price.

— Hernan Cortes

I look thuggish when I shave my head and wear big boots. I walk into a newsagent and people think I'm going to jump the counter.

— Robert Smith

Growing up, I thought my grandfather was dead. Later, I learned he was alive, but my family pretended he didn't exist because of the terrible way he'd abused my grandmother and my mother. He did things like shave my grandmother's head and lock her in a closet. With my mother's help, my grandmother finally left him.

— Deborah Pryce

I shave my head & shape my beard myself

— Banky W.

Wear that cologne, shave your face, shave your head, cut your nails, you know ... take care of yourself.

— Ginuwine

I'd love to take a year off and travel the world under the radar. I would love to do it really low key. I wouldn't need to stay in fancy hotels or anything; I just want to explore - but I don't know how I'd do it. Would I shave my head to try and go incognito? Ha ha! I'm not telling.

— Zac Efron

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