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Hard To See You Go Quotes

Anyone can see that hes bad," said Marcus, speaking calmly, "but weve splinted it, weve wrapped it, and I can drug him so hard hell think hes flying home on a magical gumdrop rainbow. You could get high on his farts." "Patterson
— Dan Wells —

You know, sometimes when you're too close to someone, it's hard to see who they really are.

— Kirsten Miller

It's been a long hard ride. See you on the other side

— George Strait

He cups the back of my neck with his hand and holds the other against my face, rubbing my cheek with his thumb. Slowly, he leans down and kisses me.
Soft, then deep.
I ooze against the house. I can feel his kiss in my whole body, like warm liquid pouring through me-gold, rich, and melting. After about a minute of what can only be described as sheer ecstasy, Corey rests his forehead against mine so we can both catch our breath. Then he takes my head into his hands and looks at me hard, like his heart is breaking.
'I have wanted to do that for so, so long.'
I cannot speak. I can only nod yes and hope he knows what I mean. He kisses me more ...
" ... for months and months ... "
" ... when you sprayed me with Dr. Pepper ... "
" ... at the bakery when you were holding that corned beef ... "
" ... and every single time I see you ... "
I lean against the house and hold on to his wrists so I don't dissolve into a puddle. And I kiss him back. Over and over, I kiss him back.

— Colleen Clayton

Maybe it was a stupid exercise, and you couldn't grow things in winter. But there was something I liked about he idea of those seeds, buried so deep, having at least a chance to emerge. Even if you couldn't see it beneath the surface, molecules were bonding, energy pushing up slowly, as something worked so hard, all alone, to grow.

— Sarah Dessen

It's hard to see love when you have it, but when it's gone you're blind to anything else.

— Chelsea Fine

Fatigue can make it hard to have faith. Too much busyness can make it hard to have faith. Too much of too little solitude can impact faith. For that matter, so can a bout of hunger or overwork, anything carried to an extreme. Faith thrives on routine. Look at any monastery and you will see that. Faith keeps on keeping on.

— Julia Cameron

It's tough to know who's better in cliff diving. Like, you see a guy diving off a cliff and you go, Oh, man, a guy diving off a cliff! And then another guy'd dive- Oh, there's another guy diving off a cliff there. But you can't tell who's better, y'know? Like, uh- if you survive at all, hey, you're a great- you're a great cliff diver there. There's only two classifications in cliffdiving. There's, uh- 'Grand Champion' and then, uh- 'Stuff On a Rock.' Very hard to make a comeback in that sport, I'll tell you that.

— Norm MacDonald

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