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Hard Nipple Quotes

I only took off my shirt, Daniel. The bra isnt even all that revealing," she replied, cool as can be, plush mouth set all prim and proper. "If all it takes for you to lose your cool is the hint of hard nipple then Im concerned on your behalf." "Shit. Say hard nipple again." Her body vibrated beneath him with soft laughter. "No.
— Kylie Scott —

Reji kissed him again. "Maybe ... for now, healer. But later, I might need your
"Oh? For a medical condition?"
"Yes. I have this really hard ... "
"Hard ... ?" Kei murmured, teasing Reji's nipple through his shirt.
Reji's voice cracked. " ... Leg ... "
"Oh. Your ... leg. And what might your ... leg ... need?"
Reji cleared his throat, but it seemed his voice was still a little hoarse. "A
rub ... might need a rub ... later.

— Ann Somerville

Riley paused, turning back to face Jack. "Just so you know, we are gonna need some definite PDAs tonight.
Think you can handle that?" There was irritation in Riley's voice, a subtle change, a certain stress. Jack imagined it was a manifestation of fear, and it made him feel better to think that. In answer Jack moved carefully past Riley, sliding a hand over the younger man's black silk shirt, his fingers brushing Riley's left nipple. He heard a hiss of indrawn breath as his hard thigh touched Riley briefly.
"I can handle anything you need, Het-boy," he said, his voice low and growled. "Just follow my cues."
Riley followed him to the top of the stairs, and Jack held out his hand. "Husband?" he smirked.
Riley took his hand, and they started down the sweeping staircase. "Fuck you, asshole," Riley forced out behind a covering smile.
"Not if I fuck you first," Jack said, fast and clear, smirking again as Riley stumbled on the next step.

— R.J. Scott

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