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Groom Quotes

Bride and groom are not just two contracting parties but two loving and beloved companions, joined in establishing a home that will be nothing less than a source of immortality.
— Meir Soloveichik —

The bride will keep her name and, after considerable negotiation, the groom will, too.

— Meg Waite Clayton

I expect she'll walk down the aisle to her groom with a book in her pocket.

— Laurie Alice Eakes

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past. May your hands be forever clasped in friendship, and your hearts joined forever in love. To the bride and groom.

— Tracy Brogan

Jeremy would be a handsome groom. He looked like a Ken doll come to life. Probably has the
same plastic lack of parts as his tiny counterpart.
Did she mention that I probably brought her to more orgasms than your plastic junk could
ever dream of giving her?

— Virginia Nelson

The bride Celina and her groom Omar, with Junior, now Dr. Sotomayor. As my first official act,

— Sonia Sotomayor

I love you ... I've always loved you. I've never loved anybody else. I just married Charlie to - to try to hurt you. Oh, Ashley, I love you so much I'd walk every step of the way to Virginia just to be near you! And I'd cook for you and polish your boots and groom your horse - Ashley, say you love me! I'll live on it for the rest of my life!

— Margaret Mitchell

Whether we're conscious of it or not, our work and personal lives are made up of daily rituals, including when we eat our meals, how we shower or groom, or how we approach our daily descent into the digital world of email communication.

— Chip Conley

Top-half students may use the Groom Room. Bottom-half students should use the time to reflect upon their mediocrity!

— Soman Chainani

Oh, I'm going to take them," said Miss Cornelia. "Of course, I was glad to, but Mary would have given me no peace till I asked them any way. The Ladies' Aid is going to clean the manse from top to bottom before the bride and groom come back, and Norman Douglas has arranged to fill the cellar with vegetables. Nobody ever saw or heard anything quite like Norman Douglas these days, believe ME. He's so tickled that he's going to marry Ellen West after wanting her all his life. If I was Ellen-but then, I'm not, and if she is satisfied I can very well be. I heard her say years ago when she was a schoolgirl that she didn't want a tame puppy for a husband. There's nothing tame about Norman, believe ME.

— L.M. Montgomery

Weddings are never about the bride and groom, weddings are public platforms for dysfunctional families.

— Lisa Kleypas

Hunger in the midnight, hunger at the stroke of noon
Hunger in the banquet, hunger in the bride and groom
Hunger on the TV, hunger on the printed page
And there's a God-sized hunger underneath the questions of the age

— Jackson Browne

People have one year after the wedding to send a gift. Thank-you notes must be written immediately. If you don't receive an acknowledgment within three months, phone and ask if it was received. If the bride and groom are embarrassed, fine. They deserve to be.

— Ann Landers

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