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Great Expectations Quotes

Ive had stupid teachers, lazy teachers, boring teachers, teachers who were teachers because their parents were and they hadnt the imagination to think of anything else, teachers who were teachers because of cowardice, because of fear, because of the holidays, because of the pensions, because they were never called to account, never had to actually be any good, ones who could not survive in any other profession, who were not aware they had trod on butterflies. But none of those compared to Mr Maurice Crossan. He was the one who first stamped on my brothers soul. He was dark, as they say here. For those who want more of him visit the dark character of Orlick Dolge in Great Expectations and cross that with a ginger-headed weasel.
— Niall Williams —

These are the pieces of my youth,
the small secrets and the not-so-great expectations
that defined my coming of age.

— Tablo

I'm really good at quickly identifying the smartest girl in every class."
Cath frowned at him. "God, Levi, that's so exploitive."
"How is it exploitive? I don't make them wear miniskirts. I don't call them 'baby.' I just say, 'Hello, smart girl, would you like to talk to me about Great Expectations?'

— Rainbow Rowell

I snorted. "They still make you read Dickens in school? Great Expectations?" "Yeah." "You can stay at home and hide if you want-and wind up like Miss Havisham," I said. "Watching life through a window and obsessed with how things might have been." "Dear God," she said. "You've just made Dickens relevant to my life." "Weird, right?" I asked her, nodding.

— Jim Butcher

I'm totally obsessed with Dickens, and 'Great Expectations' was one of the first book's I read when I was still in school in Porthcawl.

— Paul Rhys

Ladies and gentlemen, on the occasion of my election I received many letters from people representing all segments of the population and all professions, especially from the younger generation, linking my inauguration with great - far too great - expectations.

— Gustav Heinemann

I have great expectations for our company; pretzels were just the beginning.

— Nell Newman

There's no shortage of orphans in 19th-century literature, but it's hard to find a single happy, communicative, functional parental relationship in the whole of 'Great Expectations,' even among the minor characters.

— David Nicholls

I identified with Pip from 'Great Expectations,' especially when I was younger; I had the same kind of gaucheness and uncertainty.

— David Nicholls

Cathy, don't look so defeated. She was only trying to put us down
Maybe nothing did work out right for her, but that doesn't mean we are
doomed. Let's go forth tomorrow with no great expectations of finding
perfection. Then, expecting only a small share of happiness, we won't
be disappointed.

— V.C. Andrews

The possessor of such great expectations,-farewell, monotonous acquaintances of my childhood, henceforth I was for London and greatness;

— Charles Dickens

'Great Expectations' has been described as 'Dickens's harshest indictment of society.' Which it is. After all, it's about money. About not having enough money; about the fever of the getting of money; about having too much money; about the taint of money.

— Felix Dennis

They were built up to great expectations, and when these could not be met, they turned against those who made the promises.

— Wilbur Smith

The imagination, backed by great expectations, can bring about almost any reality within the range of probalities.

— Jane Roberts

I've been a fool to allow dreams to become great expectations.

— Tim Rice

Great expectations are placed on this generation for the establishment of peaceful and neighborly relations in the North Caucasus.

— Yunus-bek Yevkurov

Now, I return to this young fellow. And the communication I have got to make is, that he has great expectations.

— Charles Dickens

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