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Got What You Deserve Quotes

I tried to call your cell phone when we got in to see if you made it." Ash immediately tensed as he put his comic down and pulled out another issue. "I turned it off on the day I got here." "Really?" Dante asked, stunned by Ashs confession. It wasnt like him to be out of touch with his Dark-Hunter charges. "What if one of the Dark-Hunters needed you?" Ash shrugged. "If they cant survive alone for four days once a year, they deserve to die.
— Sherrilyn Kenyon —

You came up this gut-wrenching road yesterday by yourself?" Cassie exclaimed. "You deserve a good cuffing just for driving this goat path on your own."
"It's not so bad once you get used to dodging the ruts."
"You've got some nerve calling these canyons ruts."
"Cassandra Hudson, where is your sense of adventure?"
"I dropped it off going over that last rut-crossing when only two wheels were on the ground."
"Those ones are a bit exhilarating, aren't they?" Alexandra shot Cassie a quick look and wink. 
"Keep your eyes on the road!"
"What road?"

— H.H. Laura

Remember everything I said in the bedroom? I'm scared, too. And there are times I question what I deserve, but we're in this together. So fall with me," he said, smoothing his thumbs along my cheekbones. "Let yourself go and fall with me, and baby, I will catch you. I will get you through this. You just got to take that risk.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

And you think you deserve to join the ranks of real Knights of the Sword," Nicodemus said, his voice smooth and confident. "You battered, scarred, broken thing. In my centuries I've learned exactly what is needed in a real Knight. You haven't got what it takes. And you know that. Or you'd have taken up the Sword before now.

— Jim Butcher

I know something now I didn't know a year ago," said Quoyle. "Petal wasn't any good. And I think maybe that is why I loved her."
"Yes," said Wavey. "Same with Herold. It's like you feel to yourself that's all you deserve. And the worse it gets the more it seems true, that you got it coming to you or it wouldn't be that way. You know what I mean?

— Annie Proulx

She's a nice girl and she doesn't deserve to be used as a pawn in my father's fucked-up game."
"I'm sorry she's involved and I'm sorry I got you involved. We'll find the money some other way."
Zane wanted to believe what John said, but how they were going to do that, he had no clue.
Alright, we'll figure it out when I get there."
"You on your way back tonight? John asked.
"Yeah, I just need to call Missy, and, hell, I don't know ... apologize, I guess."
"Apologize for sleeping with her because your father told you to? Are you sure you want to do that?" John asked.
"No, I didn't sleep with her." Zane could imagine how bad he'd feel if he had.
"You didn't have sex with girl?" There was shock in Rick's voice.
"What's the matter? Was she ugly?

— Cat Johnson

If you settle for what you've got, you deserve what you get.

— Kathie Lee Gifford

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