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Got Placed Quotes

Its your fathers fault that the curse got placed and the place got cursed in the first place.
— Stephen Sondheim —

Daphne," he said with controlled gentleness, "what is wrong?"
She sat down opposite him and placed a hand on his cheek. "I'm so insensitive," she whispered. "I should have known. I should never have said anything."
"Should have known what?" he ground out.
Her hand fell away. "That you can't-that you couldn't-"
"Can't what?"
She looked down at her lap, where her hands were attempting to wring each other to shreds. "Please don't make me say it," she said.
'This," Simon muttered, "has got to be why men avoid marriage.

— Julia Quinn

It lies here deep in the heart, the small chest of pain
Sharp words like daggers placed it here
To fill with hurt
In filling it grew heavy and drug me down
For to not feel is not to live
Until I rest at last in dirt
The worst of you got the best of me ...

— Neil Leckman

They walked on in silence for a while, until Rudy said, "I just wish I was like Jesse Owens, Papa." This time, Mr. Steiner placed his hand on Rudy's head and explained, "I know, son-but you've got beautiful blond hair and big, safe blue eyes. You should be happy with that; is that clear?" But nothing was clear.

— Markus Zusak

Even though all of that other stuff was there and would eventually have to be dealt with, I was now beyond the point of being able to resist. I was going to let my body take over and my brain worry about something else. All the mental junk got pushed to the side and placed in a box titled, Grace Will Deal With You Later, She Is Now Being Run By Her Oonie.

— Alice Clayton

I once had a story editor ask me not to use the word 'placenta.' I wanted to say: 'Now tell me again how you got here?' Oh, right, an angel of God placed you into the bill of the stork.

— Jill McCorkle

When I was a boy if a girl got pregnant the shame was placed on her and the boy could get away.

— Bill Cosby

And then Holt, the Queen's Guard, placed his maps on the desk, neatly so they would not fall, tipped Thiel over one shoulder, tipped Death over the other, and stood under his load. In the astonished silence that followed, Holt lumbered toward Runnemood, who, understanding, let out a snort and stalked from the room of his own accord. Then Holt carried his outraged burdens away on either shoulder, just as they got their voices back. Bitterblue could hear them screaming their indignation all the way down the stairs.

— Kristin Cashore

Valet had reminded him several times of the lateness of the hour, he got up, and going into the next room, placed the book on the little Florentine table that always stood

— Oscar Wilde

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