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Good Hearted Quotes

My dad had limitations. Thats what my good-hearted mom always told us. He had limitations, but he meant no harm. It was kind of her to say, but he did do harm.
— Gillian Flynn —

I am fond of the sound of horses in the night. The lifting of feet. Stamping. The clicking of their iron shoes against rock. They mouth one anothers withers and rear and squeal and whirl and shuffle and cough and stand and snort. There is the combined rumblings of each individual gut. They sound larger than they are. The air tastes of horses, ripples as though come alive with their good-hearted strength and stamina.

— Mark Spragg

Enduring comprises a strong activity of the soul, namely, a vigorous grasping of and clinging to the good; and only from this stout-hearted activity can the strength to support the physical and spiritual suffering of injury and death be nourished.

— Josef Pieper

I don't know why it was so important for her to prove to a stranger that we were good-hearted, when we knew ourselves to be-but the suggestion that we were anything less than angels walking the earth, that our natures were more complexly shaded, seemed to bother her. "They don't understand," she kept saying. Then again, I thought, maybe they do.

— Ransom Riggs

There's something about the good-hearted guy fighting the system. I just love that. That's how 'Speed' is. He's a really focused guy with a heart of gold and the corporations are trying to crush him and use him for his skills to make them more money.

— Emile Hirsch

Mad is beautiful," I say. "It has its flaws, but when shared with the good-hearted it's beautiful.

— Cameron Jace

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