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Generalize Quotes

I dont know anybody who walks through life all the time in the doldrums, constantly serious and morose. But thats become what we generalize as drama.
— Matt Bomer —

Generally speaking, I try not to generalize.

— Addison C. Arthur

That streetside tree is obscuring the air. Cut it down. Haul it in for questioning. There are secrets within that foliage. You might want to separate the branches in different rooms and apply some elementary game theory."
"Question a plant?"
"Trees have a will too, just like people. We have to know it's purpose. Read Schopenhauer."
"He was the only authentic German. You might like him. Being a police officer, you're undoubtedly familiar with the need to put an end to the lives of the perverse when sex crimes go too far. Now just generalize that necessity to every human being.

— Benson Bruno

There is some blogging jerk out there who feels he can generalize his way to validity.

— Neil Young

I don't like to generalize but I've had nothing but bad experiences with Mexican food in Europe.

— Ezra Koenig

Every man is different. You can't generalize with men; you have to find out what your man wants. You have to listen to him when he's telling you what he wants, because a lot of times they're telling you, but you're not listening.

— Karrine Steffans

I definitely don't generalize and put everybody in the same cup of water.

— Cole Hauser

It is difficult to generalize about Islam. To begin with, the word itself is commonly used with two related but distinct meanings, as the equivalents both of Christianity, and Christendom. In the one sense, it denotes a religion, as system of beliefs and worship; in the other, the civilization that grew up and flourished under the aegis of that religion. The word Islam thus denotes more than fourteen centuries of history, a billion and a third people, and a religious and cultural tradition of enormous diversity.

— Bernard Lewis

Before you generalize, formalize, and axiomatize there must be mathematical substance.

— Hermann Weyl

You perceive I generalize with intrepidity from single instances. It is the tourist's custom.

— Mark Twain

If you don't generalize you don't philosophize.

— Robert M. Pirsig

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