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Fly From Planes Quotes

My ambition is to have this wonderful gift produce practical results for the future of commercial flying and for the women who may want to fly tomorrows planes.
— Amelia Earhart —

YANNI "JOHNNY" BACOLAS: I would always tell him, "Layne [Staley], why don't you take off, go to some deserted island, hire the best counselors, and just kick this shit? Go for six months if you have to." And his rebuttal was, "Johnny, I have celebrity status and I have a lot of money. I could fly planes out to deliver me the dope if I wanted to - and that's what I would do. I can't escape.

— Greg Prato

Of course, you'll have to fly to the refugee camp at Dadaab," Will observed thoughtfully at one point. He glanced at me. "To avoid the bandits," he explained.
Dan and Nick nodded gravely.
"I beg your pardon?" I said, taking a sudden interest.
"It's bandit country all round there," Will said.
"Where?" I asked, peering at the map for the first time.
"Oh, just there," Will said, waving a hand vaguely across most of east Africa. "But you'll be fine in a plane."
"They only rarely shoot at planes," Nick explained.

— Bill Bryson

Why would anybody be intimidated by mere words? I mean, neither I nor any other athiest that I know ever threatens violence. We never threaten to fly planes into skyscrapers. We never threaten suicide bombs. We are very gentle people. All we do is use words to talk about things like the cosmos, the origin of the universe, evolution, the origin of life. What's there to be frightened of? It's just an opinion.

— Richard Dawkins

[Science] works! Planes fly. Cars drive. Computers compute. If you base medicine on science, you cure people. If you base the design of planes on science, they fly. If you base the design of rockets on science, they reach the moon. It works ... bitches.

— Richard Dawkins

And I fly planes all the time. And helicopters.

— Treat Williams

I can't help but notice that everytime I fly somewhere, other people's planes fall out of the sky.

— James Nicoll

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border, I got visas in my name

— M.I.A.

I learned to fly planes at fifteen years old because one of my teachers thought I'd be a better pilot than rapper.

— Killer Mike

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