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Figuring Out Quotes

If I write a character, instead of looking from the outside, like maybe a journalist would, trying to describe them physically and figuring out what kind of things they might be interested in or have in their house, I dont really do it that way. I try to feel what it would be like to be inside this person, to be them.
— Jeffrey Eugenides —

If you want to switch jobs, then you can come over here right now and balance the extermination budget in London while (shuffling through papers) figuring out why the hell a two-door wardrobe in the spare room of a country house is considered to be a matter of national concern!

— Daniel O'Malley

If the key to life is figuring yourself out; family must be the lock.

— LDarnell

People are good at figuring out what's attractive, and computers are good at quickly searching and finding. You put them together, and bang!

— Luis Von Ahn

My 20s were spent in a room, alone, mixing paints and figuring it all out.

— Caio Fonseca

I've done a lot of performance practice, Baroque playing, and some of the joy and the challenge of it is figuring out what the composer intended ... You have music of the 17th century - it's all whole notes and half notes. But inside of that, there are so many things that one can do, at least according to what we know about performance practice.

— Caroline Shaw

I was studying international business and instead of doing what I should have been doing which was studying for exams and figuring out what type of business I really wanted to do I was cooking for all of my friends and reading cookbooks and really inspired by the idea of travel and types of foods around the world and I wanted to cook them.

— David Myers

I wish I could tell you the recipe for figuring out who the target user is for your product and who your users should be, but ... there isn't a recipe. It comes down to think really hard and use your judgement to figure out who you're really building this for.

— Emmett Shear

Honesty is most important, and it's difficult when you're young and single and sort of figuring out your own life.

— Zac Efron

If you don't have the ability or encouragement to use yourself in a physical way, you could become just another talking head. And talking heads run things. That's part of the reason why we're in such a sad state as a planet, because it's all about thinking, and thinking has led to a lot of aggrandizement - taking over [resources] and figuring out how you can steal and leaving people and the planet in an impoverished state.

— Alice Walker

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