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Fetus At 12 Quotes

With all due respect, if youre forty-three, then Im a fetus.
— David Levithan —

On the drive home I continue to try and jar the fetus loose with more abrupt driving maneuvers.

— Chad Kultgen

Make it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime.

— Jerry Weller

With all due respect, if you're forty-three, then I'm a fetus.

— David Levithan

Here's a strange fact: murder a man, and you feel responsible for his life - possessive, even. You know more about him than his father and mother; they knew his fetus, but you know his corpse. Only you can complete the story of his life, only you know why his body has to be pushed into the fire before its time, and why his toes curl up and fight for another hour on earth.

— Aravind Adiga

In vacuum one has no need for new things, nor of excitement, nor of foreign stimuli. One has only to maintain a bare survival, to vegetate, like a fetus in a jar.

— Henry Miller

The fetus is the property of the entire society,

— Nicolae Ceausescu

In our case, murder being once for all forbidden, we may not destroy even the fetus in the womb, while as yet the human being derives blood from other parts of the body for its sustenance. To hinder birth is merely a speedier man-killing; nor does it matter whether you take away a life that is born, or destroy one that is coming to the birth. That is a man which is going to be one; you have the fruit already in the seed.

— Tertullian

The narrative was too constricted; it was like a fetus strangling on its own umbilical cord.

— John Gregory Dunne

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