Fat Vs Skinny Quotes

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Fat Vs Skinny Quotes

Id still trust an overly fat person over a skinny one any day. The best adviser would have a very specific body type: pudgy or just a little overweight. This makes it clear they have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with food, but not a clinical problem. They
— Jim Gaffigan —

I love you because you always have a T-shirt under your pillow for me, even if you don't know I'm coming to stay. I love you because you know I want sugar in my tea in the morning but not at night and because you always pretend you forgot I wanted a skinny hot chocolate in Starbucks because you know I really prefer full fat but don't like to order it in case the girl behind the counter thinks I'm fat.'
Alex started to smile. So I carried on.

— Lindsey Kelk

The skinny ones last longer than the fat ones," Louisa said. "You'll probably last till you're about sixty.

— Larry McMurtry

I was muscular - I was never overweight. But tell a girl that she has to lose 15 pounds when she's not fat, and that has destroyed a lot of who I am over the years, even still. In my mind I'm thinking, 'I'm always too heavy. I should be a skinny thing.'

— Kim Alexis

Women have always tried to make themselves attractive to men, and you're not going to change a thing like that in a hurry. Look around you. All the women nicely groomed and attractive and good-looking, and the men no better than fat slugs, for the most part, or skinny runts. Unshaved and smelly as often as not. They get away with everything, men. They can do every disgusting thing they like and no one ever says a thing.

— Fay Weldon

Sometimes we whisper it quietly and other times we shout it out loud in front of a mirror. I hate how I look. I hate how my face looks my body looks I am too fat or too skinny or too tall or too wide or my legs are too stupid and my face is too smiley or my teeth are dumb and my nose is serious and my stomach is being so lame. Then we think, I am so ungrateful. I have arms and legs and I can walk and I have strong nail beds and I am alive and I am so selfish and I have to read Man's Search for Meaning again and call my parents and volunteer more and reduce my carbon footprint and why am I such a self-obsessed ugly asshole no wonder I hate how I look! I hate how I am!

— Amy Poehler

Tall, sandy blonde, with sort of blue eyes, skinny in places, fat in others. An average gal.

— Uma Thurman

We are skinny; this is our work. There are lots of overweight people working in offices, but I'm not going to say, 'This girl is fat; she can't work in an office.'

— Valentina Zelyaeva

I mean, everyone walks into the gym on day one skinny or fat. Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into the gym skinny at 15 or 16, and I was that way, too.

— Joe Manganiello

I don't exercise. I'm skinny-fat. I worry about being too skinny.

— Kristen Stewart

I don't know any skinny people who bully fat people. I just know skinny people who use fat people for rides.

— Felipe Esparza

What is life when you come to think upon it, but a most excellent, accurately set, infinitely complicated machine for turning fat playful puppies into old mangy blind dogs, and proud war horses into skinny nags, and succulent young boys, to whom the world holds great delights and terrors, into old weak men, with running eyes, who drink ground rhino-horn?

— Isak Dinesen

I'm a skinny, geeky, high school dropout - it works, kids! Sensitive guys always get the girl. You'll get laid 10 times as much as that guy on the football team 'cause he's on steroids and he's gonna get fat.

— Dave Grohl

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