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False Teeth Quotes

Anybody home, son?" "You ought to know." "How would I know?" "Go — yourself." "Thats how people get false teeth." He showed me his in a tight grin.
— Raymond Chandler —

Mrs. Sol Schwimmer is suing me because I made her bridge as I felt it and not to fit her ridiculous mouth! That's right! I can't work to order like a common tradesman! I decided her bridge should be enormous and billowing, with wild, explosive teeth flaring up in every direction like fire! Now she is upset because it won't fit in her mouth! She is so bourgeois and stupid. I want to smash her! I tried forcing the false plate in but it sticks out like a star burst chandelier. Still, I find it beautiful.

— Woody Allen

Men will confess to treason, murder, arson, false teeth, or a wig. How many of them will own up to a lack of humor?

— Frank Moore Colby

In the cafe there was a lot of stylized cattiness, but this was never unkindly meant. Nothing at all was meant by it. It was a formal game of innuendos about other people being older than they said, about their teeth being false and their hair being a wig. Such conversation was thought to be smart and so very feminine. It was better, I need hardly say, to seem like a truly appalling woman than not like a woman at all.

— Quentin Crisp

An elderly man called Keith Mislaid his set of false teeth- They'd been laid on a chair, He'd forgot they were there, Sat down, and was bitten beneath. Irish limerick

— Janice Thompson

I don't have false teeth. Do you think I'd buy teeth like these?

— Carol Burnett

He did it now, holding it up before his eyes as he had as a boy, and it did its old, old trick. Through the floating snow you could see a little gingerbread house with a path leading up to it. The gingerbread shutters were closed, but as an imaginative boy you could fancy that one of the shutters was being folded back (as indeed, one of them seemed to be folding back now) by a long white hand, and then a pallid face would be looking out at you, grinning with long teeth, inviting you into this house beyond the world in its slow and endless fantasy-land of false snow, where time was a myth. The face was looking out at him now, pallid and hungry, a face that would never look on daylight or blue skies again.
It was his own face.
He threw the paperweight into the corner and it shattered. He left without waiting to see what might leak out of it.

— Stephen King

He [Old Mr. Turveydrop] was a fat old gentleman with a false complexion, false teeth, false whiskers, and a wig. He had a fur collar, and he had a padded breast to his coat, which only wanted a star or a broad blue ribbon to be complete. He was pinched in, and swelled out, and got up, and strapped down, as much as he could possibly bear.

— Charles Dickens

Tongue after you lose a tooth. Time after time, my mind kept going to that empty spot, the spot where I felt like she should be. When I told Gloria Dump about Otis and how he got arrested, she laughed so hard she had to grab hold of her false teeth so they wouldn't fall out of her mouth.

— Kate DiCamillo

Dream about me while you're in school."
"Would that be with or without your false teeth?"
He gave me a slow wink. "They're fangs."
"Kind of sad you have to use props to get the girls."
"It's absolutely tragic, isn't it?" His smile reached his eyes. "Be sure to put me on your prater list.

— Jenny B. Jones

The idea really came to me the day I got my new false teeth.

— George Orwell

A twerp was defined as a guy who put his set of false teeth up his rear end and bit the buttons off the backseats of taxicabs.

— Kurt Vonnegut

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