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Exhaled Quotes

Why am I covered in feathers?" I asked, confused. He exhaled impatiently. "I bit a pillow. Or two ...
— Stephenie Meyer —

See the stars, Lily?"
She sighed, surrendering. "Of course."
"Do you think they can see the sun coming up?"
"I don't know. Probably?"
"Do you think they're scared?"
"They're burning balls of gas, Calder."
"Oh, c'mon. Where's the poet in you?"
She exhaled, and I sensed her smile. "I see. Well, in that case, yes. They've finally come home. They are triumphant in their midnight kingdom. But the enemy approaches. They have the numbers on their side, but the enemy is bigger, stronger, with a history of winning that goes back to the dawn of time. They're definitvely terrified."
I nodded. She understood my analogy.
"But they don't run, Calder.

— Anne Greenwood Brown

Kaylin glanced at the small dragon, who exhaled the sigh of the long-suffering everywhere.

— Michelle Sagara

Absurdity is not an autonomous state; it does not exist in the world, but is instead exhaled from the abyss that divides us from a mute world.

— Robert Zaretsky

His exhaled smoke was the exact colour of ennui.

— Daniel Kraus

Nona I don't think your allowed to smoke in here.
Nona exhaled a large cloud of smoke.
Nona keeps their lights on. A little smoke won't hurt them.

— Holly Hood

There was a small stone in her palm, a deep blue opal. I leaned a little closer, eyeing it. It was set on a silver stud-an earring.
"It should suffice to contain the parasite for what time remains," Mab said. "Put it on."
"My ears aren't pierced," I objected.
Mab arched an eyebrow. "Are you the Winter Knight or some sort of puling child?"
I scowled at her. "Come over here and say that."
At that, Mab calmly stepped onto the shore of Demonreach, until her toes were almost touching mine. She was several inches over six feet tall, and barely had to reach up to take my earlobe in her fingers.
"Wait," I said. "Wait."
She paused.
"The left one."
Mab tilted her head. "Why?"
"It's ... Look, it's a mortal thing. Just do the left one, okay?"
She exhaled briefly through her nose. Then she shook her head and changed ears.

— Jim Butcher

Love. Was I really calling it love again? I wished I could say that it felt like love and that was the only way to describe it. But truthfully, it felt like so much more than the meager, inefficient English word that was the only way I could describe my feelings for him. It consumed me completely, coated my blood in emotion, exhaled and inhaled with every breath I took, wrapped around every thought and action; the mere word "love" couldn't fully encapsulate the true definition of my feelings for Kiran, but it was a starting point. I had the rest if eternity to figure out a better way to say it.

— Rachel Higginson

After sixty-one years together, she simply clutched my hand and exhaled.

— Sara Gruen

THE RIVER OF FOREVER is not the serene, clear-blue comfort that you'd hope to greet your soul after you've exhaled your last breath in the Overworld.

— James Patterson

Breath. A man's breath was his life. Exhaled, bit by bit, back into the world. Kaladin breathed deeply, eyes closed, and for a time that was all he could hear. His own life. In, out, to the beating of the thunder in his chest. Breath. His own little storm.

— Brandon Sanderson

Jem is all the better part of myself. I would not expect you to understand. I owe him this."
"Then what am I?" Cecily asked.
Will exhaled, too exasperated to check himself. "You are my weakness."
"And Tessa is your heart," she said, not angrily, but thoughtfully. "Not a fool, as I told you," she added at his startled expression. I know that you love her.

— Cassandra Clare

Some air you inhale was exhaled by Cleopatra.

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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