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Even Love Quotes

Power is generally defined as control over resources and control over access to resources, which often means control over other people because were thinking about things like financial resources or shelter, or even love and affection, but we also possess resources that we sometimes cant access.
— Amy Cuddy —

Happiness is not created from things, friends, or even love. Happiness is like money; you have to have it to make it. People are attracted to happiness, to positivity. Keep that positive outlook on everything, and no one or no thing can make you feel otherwise.
"Every burden can become a blessing, just depends on how you look at it." This is my secret.

— Trey Smith

Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.

— J.M. Barrie

Some stories don't have happy endings. Even love stories. Maybe especially love stories.

— Kristin Hannah

Better not to have anything. Not even love. If you got attached to something, it only got taken away. Child or adult. Toys or people. No difference

— Barbara Elsborg

Those whom even love cannot shake from their habitual aversion to risk and inertia are those who are truly unredeemable.

— Cristina Nehring

Me plus you. (Imma tell you one time) Me plus you. (Imma tell you one time)
Me plus you. (Imma tell you one time)
One time.
When I met ya girl my heart when knock (knock knock)
Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop (stop stop)
Even love is a struggle and it's all we got.
So we gun keep keep climbing to the mountain top.
'Cause your world, is my world, and my breath is your breath, and my heart is yours ...

— Justin Bieber

The sex is amazing, he's wealthy, he's beautiful, but this is all meaningless without his love, and the real heart-fail is that I don't know if he's capable of love. He doesn't even love himself. I recall his self-loathing..

— E.L. James

The good thing about dating quite a few girls in your youth is that in your later years they may reappear, in your dreams, in your sleep, exactly the same, slightly different, or completely unrecognizable as someone else, but the feelings of infatuation, even love, will be as strong as if it was the real thing, and so you will wake up many mornings, in a good mood.

— Robert Black

But I don't panic. I don't bolt like a frightened gazelle. I am more than the sum of my fear. It isn't fear that will defeat them. Not fear or faith or hope or even love, but rage.

— Rick Yancey

The impression made upon them by the first view of a camel equipped and loaded for the desert. Custom, so fatal to other novelties, affects this feeling but little. At the end of long journeys with caravans, after years of residence with the Bedawin, the Western-born, wherever they may be, will stop and wait the passing of the stately brute. The charm is not in the figure, which not even love can make beautiful; nor in the movement, the noiseless stepping, or the broad careen. As is the kindness of the sea to a ship, so that of the desert to its creature. It clothes him with all its mysteries;

— Lew Wallace

There are many days when all the awful things that happen make you sick at heart, when the path before you is so steep you can't bear to look. Not even love can rescue a person from that. Still, enveloped in the twilight coming from the west, there she was, watering the plants with her slender, graceful hands, in the midst of a light so sweet it seemed to form a rainbow in the transparent water she poured.

— Banana Yoshimoto

I love everything about the South; I even love hate.

— Brother Dave Gardner

But hope will make thee young, for Hope and Youth
Are children of one mother, even Love.

— Percy Bysshe Shelley

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