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Em Forster Quotes

So he was queer, E.M. Forster. It wasnt his middle name (that would be Morgan), but it was his orientation, his romping pleasure, his half-secret, his romantic passion. In the long-suppressed novel Maurice the title character blurts out his truth, Im an unspeakable of the Oscar Wilde sort. It must have felt that way when Forster came of sexual age in the last years of the 19th century: seriously risky and dangerously blurt-able. The public cry had caught Wilde, exposed and arrested him, broken him in prison. He was one face of anxiety to Forster; his mother was another. As long as she lived (and they lived together until she died, when he was 66), he couldnt let her know.
— Michael Levenson —

Trying to imagine E. M. Forster, who found Ulysses indecorous, at a London performance of Lenny Bruce-to which in fact he was once taken.
Trying to imagine the same for a time-transported Nathaniel Hawthorne-who during his first visit to Europe was even shocked by the profusion of naked statues.

— David Markson

In order that two imperfect souls might touch perfection. E. M. Forster

— Kimberly McCreight

EM Forster never gets any further than warming the tea pot ... Is it not beautifully warm? Yes, but there ain't going to be no tea.

— Katherine Mansfield

The ends of the earth, the depths of the sea, the darkness of time, you have chosen all three. -E. M. Forster

— Ransom Riggs

[Forster] quotes approvingly from this discussion, from The Magic Flute [by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson]
"Lord Buddha was your gospel true?"
"True and False."
"What was true in it?"
"Selflessness and Love."
"What false?"
"Flight from Life.

— Zadie Smith

E.M. Forster, who said that if he had to choose between betraying his country and betraying his friend, he hoped he'd have the courage to betray his country.

— Robert B. Parker

People joked that Forster became more renowned with every book he did not write.

— Paul Gray

Universities are filled with poets and novelists conducting demure and careful lives in imitation of Eliot and Forster and those others who (through what seems to be have been discretion) made it.

— Gore Vidal

What foolsmiddle-classgirls are to expect other people to respect the same gods as themselves and E M Forster.

— Margaret Drabble

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