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Do U Hate Me Quotes

I have seen war ... I hate war.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt —

Let us live without hate among those who hate

— Patricia Nell Warren

To call someone 'anti-American', indeed, to be anti-American, (or for that matter anti-Indian, or anti-Timbuktuan) is not just racist, it's a failure of the imagination. An inability to see the world in terms other than those that the establishment has set out for you: If you're not a Bushie you're a Taliban. If you don't love us, you hate us. If you're not Good you're Evil. If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists.

— Arundhati Roy

I hate being looked at. Can't stand it. I know, I know - I picked the wrong career. I should have been a doctor. If you play certain parts you have this nice face painted on you, and then you have feel as if you have a responsibility to this idea of being beautiful. I hate that about our business.

— Lena Headey

I would love to tell you I've found the secret to eternal youth. I go to the gym and avoid too many chips. I love to eat, hate to work out, but if you can't count all your ribs from a distance you're considered obese.

— Jason Isaacs

I hate the word 'hippy.'

— Robert Carlyle

Who does not sufficiently hate vice, does not sufficiently love virtue.

— Jean-Baptiste Rousseau

It's outrageous to me when I see people hate on someone because of their sexuality. I hate the intolerance. I hate the judgment. I hate it so much.

— Ariana Grande

I think logicians hate my work, they detest it! And I'm like pornography, I'm sort of an unmentionable subject in the world of logic, because my results are so disgusting!

— Gregory Chaitin

Drama is hate. Drama is pushing your pain onto others. Drama is destruction. Some take pleasure in creating drama while others make excuses to stay stuck in drama. I choose not to step into a web of drama that I can't get out of.

— Bindu

I wish that I was dead. Oh, they'll be sorry then.
I hate them and I'll kill myself tomorrow.
I want to die. I hate them, hate them. Hate.

— Vernon Scannell

I hate how when I have a bunch of events going on and I have to get my hair done so much, [then] I have to wash it more often. It's definitely better not to.

— L'Wren Scott

I have seen war ... I hate war.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

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