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Dj Producer Quotes

I can meet any producer in Hollywood and look them in the eye, knowing I didnt sleep with them, or do drugs with them.
— Morgan Brittany —

Believe me, it's not easy being an actress and a producer, especially with no big daddy to support you.

— Amisha Patel

My producer, HH, makes sounds, so I'm writing to his beats.

— Keith Stanfield

I loved doing casting because I love actors, and I am very conscious of what actors do. But I always wanted to be a producer.

— Scott Rudin

A strategy is something like, an innovative new product; globalization, taking your products around the world; be the low-cost producer. A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with; be number one and number two in every business. You can energize people around the message.

— Jack Welch

I can meet any producer in Hollywood and look them in the eye, knowing I didn't sleep with them, or do drugs with them.

— Morgan Brittany

You know, in the days when I started, if you had Chet Atkins' name on your record as a producer and it was on RCA, you could work the road. It didn't have to be a big hit record, it just had to have that on it.

— Waylon Jennings

I'd like to get out of here without having to talk to the producer.

— Judith Rossner

I've always been a producer - that's how I see myself first. The DJing came second as a way for me to be able to perform.

— Avicii

Julian Fellowes doesn't come to the set, except maybe once every six weeks, for whatever reason. He's not a producer, in that sense. But if you write him a one-line question, he'll write you a three-page answer.

— Hugh Bonneville

The average film has eight or ten producers on it. That is just in a world that would be unthinkable to me, because to me, to really be a producer of a film, you have to be a line producer.

— Rick McCallum

I'll always be attached to telly in one way or another, whether it's a character or producer or director, I just love the medium.

— Idris Elba

Is he prepared to support, at his own expense, projects and undertakings designed to help the needy? Is he prepared to pay higher taxes so that public authorities may expand their efforts in the work of development? Is he prepared to pay more for imported goods, so that the foreign producer may make a fairer profit? Is he prepared to emigrate from his homeland if necessary and if he is young, in order to help the emerging nations?

— Pope Paul VI

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