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Dividend Quotes

Every syllable that can be struck out is pure profit, and every page that can be economised is a five-per-cent dividend. Nature rebels against this rule; the flesh is weak, and shrinks from the scissors; I groan in retrospect over the weak.
— Henry Adams —

Whatever the reason we first mustered the _Apollo_ program, however mired it was in Cold War nationalism and the instruments of death, the inescapable recognition of the unity and fragility of the Earth is its clear and luminous dividend, the unexpected final gift of _Apollo_. What began in deadly competition has helped us to see that global cooperation is the essential precondition for our survival.
Travel is broadening. It's time to hit the road again.

— Carl Sagan

It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you've fallen in love with.

— Clark Gable

Unless the trade deficit shrinks, the combination of the trade deficit and the interest and dividend payments to foreigners will grow ever more rapidly.

— Martin Feldstein

Art is like a stock with a decent return for people in finance, and they get to feel like they are involved with culture, spend time with artists, as part of their dividend.

— Rachel Kushner

The point is that market returns are determined by both investment factors-the fundamentals of the initial dividend yield on stocks plus the rate at which their earnings grow-and by speculative factors- the change in the price that investors will pay for each $1 of corporate earnings.

— John C. Bogle

Stock prices are likely to be among the prices that are relatively vulnerable to purely social movements because there is no accepted theory by which to understand the worth of stocks ... investors have no model or at best a very incomplete model of behavior of prices, dividend, or earnings, of speculative assets.

— Robert J. Shiller

Selfish men make the best lovers. They're prepared to invest in the women's pleasures so that they can collect an even bigger dividend for themselves.

— J.G. Ballard

Time has come to show India's strength to the world. Lets recognise our demographic dividend & present image of a Skilled India to the world.

— Narendra Modi

India offers demographic dividend, democracy and demand ... 3D. I have added a new D. De-regulation.

— Narendra Modi

Skill development remains our priority. We are blessed with a demographic dividend that can take us to great heights.

— Narendra Modi

President Bush announced his new economic plan. The centerpiece was a proposed repeal of the dividend tax on stocks, a boon that could be worth millions of dollars to average Americans. Well, average stock-owning Americans. Technically, Americans who own a significant amount of shares in dividend-dealing companies. Well, rich people, that's what I'm trying to say. They're going to do really well with this.

— Jon Stewart

Some foreign investors accuse us of being unfair to shareholders by using our resources for community development. Yes, this is money that could have made for dividend payouts, but it also is money that's uplifting and improving the quality of life of people in the rural areas where we operate and work. We owe them that.

— Ratan Tata

Hate is crystallized fear, fear's dividend, fear objectified. We hate what we fear and so where hate is, fear will be lurking.

— Cyril Connolly

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