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Die This Way Quotes

A persons last moments are an important thing. You cant choose how youre born but you can choose how you die.
— Haruki Murakami —

The man who did the shooting was a civilian, Peter Kakhovsky, a gifted intellectual of extreme purity of motive in whom the conviction of the necessity of regicide burned with a gem-like flame. Determined to kill, expecting to die, this brilliant and terrible apparition, his slender form bundled up in a sheepskin coat, his delicate features surmounted by a shabby top hat, shot to kill with that indiscriminate ruthlessness which was later to characterise a whole generation of revolutionary terrorists. If he could not yet murder the Tsar, he would do the next best thing.

— Edward Crankshaw

I write because if I don't let it out of my system, I will die with guilt.

— Shahla Khan

Suicide sometimes proceeds from cowardice, but not always; for cowardice sometimes prevents it; since as many live because they are afraid to die, as die because they are afraid to live

— Charles Caleb Colton

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

— H.P. Lovecraft

But on the upside, your seraph form will never age. And the only way to die is by a demon blade. As long you survive fighting them, you're immortal to the things that would kill a normal human. Think of the money you'll save on medical bills. (Jack)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

But what kind of love is this that is so unaware of itself that it can be hidden until the day of judgement? The answer is obvious. Because love is hidden it cannot be a visible virtue or a habit which can be acquired. Take heed, it says, that you do not exchange true love for an amiable virtuousness, a human "quality." Genuine love is always self-forgetful in the true sense of the word. But if we are to have it, our old man must die with all his virtues and qualities, and this can only be done where the disciple forgets self and clings solely to Christ.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Born to love you, baby," he repeated. "Die lovin' you, my Sylvie.

— Kristen Ashley

Life is a terminal condition. Were all going to die. Cancer patients just have more information, but we all, in some ways, wait for permission to live.

— Kris Carr

Old One," the tenant said apologetically. "It is none of my business and I ought to die, but after all they are the children of your elder brother's son who after all is the first in the next generation after you.

— Pearl S. Buck

A person's last moments are an important thing. You can't choose how you're born but you can choose how you die.

— Haruki Murakami

It's really difficult to talk about dead people, but it's even harder to talk about dead young women. It's because from the time they die, they'll be young forever. On the other hand, for us, the survivors, every year, every month, every day, we get older.
Sometimes, I feel like I can feel myself aging from one hour to the next. It's a terrible thing, but that's reality.

— Haruki Murakami

Whatever hardships there have been in my life I still live in a very privileged position. Fear is not knowing where your next meal is coming from. Fear is seeing a child get hurt. Fear is watching someone you love waste away. Fear is knowing you are going to die yourself. But there's no fear in what I do. I write books.

— James Frey

Actors die so loud.

— Henry Miller

People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.

— Plato

Plato says the purpose of philosophy is to teach us how to die.

— Jhumpa Lahiri

Why was I born, when will I die?
Who can change the day of his birth,
who has a say in the day of his death?
Come, my beloved, I want to ask the spirit
of the wine to make me forget that we
shall never understand.

— Omar-Khayyam

About a month ago some kids in my neighborhood were playing hide-and-go-seek and one of them ended up in an abandoned refrigerator. It's all anybody talked about for weeks. I said, 'Who cares? How many kids you know get to die a winner?

— Anthony Jeselnik

And an anteater plus a large hungry mutant ant? An ironic way to die.

— Bo Burnham

Right down there in the thick of things, we discover the love that will not die.

— Pema Chodron

Despair and die. The ghosts

— William Shakespeare

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