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Despite Of Everything Quotes

You have to find a way to laugh a little bit each day despite everything, or your heart will simply run out of the joy that makes it go.
— Daoud Hari —

The task of a philosophy of photography is to reflect upon this possibility of freedom - and thus its significance - in a world dominated by apparatuses; to reflect upon the way in which, despite everything, it is possible for human beings to give significance to their lives in the face of the chance necessity of death. Such a philosophy is necessary because it is the only form of revolution left open to us.

— Vilém Flusser

Despite every objection; they sank into insignificance - and in the end, love, was the answer to everything.

— Kristian Goldmund Aumann

I grit my teeth. Despite everything, I mutter with a smile, "No."
"No, what?"
"No, I'm glad you came."
"I haven't ... yet."I slap my book across his arm, blushing furiously.
"You're impossible."
"And you're incredible.

— K.A. Tucker

Do you hate me because I have magic?"
"Of course not."
"Do you love me despite my magic?"
He thought a minute. "No. I love everything about you, and your magic is part of you. That was how I got past the Confessor's magic. If I had loved you despite your power, I wouldn't have been accepting you for who you are. Your magic would have destroyed me.

— Terry Goodkind

She prayed to God to give him at least a moment so that he would not go without knowing how much she had loved him despite all their doubts, and she felt an irresistible longing to begin life with him over again so that they could say what they had left unsaid and do everything right that they had done badly in the past.

— Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

Sempre. No matter what happened next, or what went on tomorrow, nothing would ever take that away. Their love existed, despite everything else, and it was that love that would go on forever. The moment was etched in time, transcending the constraints put on them by life. For even after they were gone, when life continued to go on, a part of them would always exist in everything-and everyone-they ever touched

— J.M. Darhower

And despite everything I know now, I still believe, as I did when I was little, that there is an entire universe of things that my mother knows that I don't. I still believe that nothing truly bad can ever happen if my mother is around. I know it's not true. But still. It is true.

— Katherine Center

I am about life. I surround myself with beautiful things. I work hard to have a better life. This job helps me achieve that through the people I meet. I'm lucky - not to have been a cover girl - but to have been able to meet all these people, to live these adventures and travel so comfortably. But despite that, it's still difficult. Nothing comes easily. Everything I've earned is down to me, and no one else.

— Lea Seydoux

Easter says to us that despite everything to the contrary, his will for us will prevail, love will prevail over hate, justice over injustice and oppression, peace over exploitation and bitterness.

— Desmond Tutu

I believe that we face incredible obstacles in our attempts to see the world. Everything in our nature tries to deny the world around us; to refabricate it in our own image; to reinvent it for our own benefit. And so, it becomes something of a challenge, a task, to recover (or at least attempt to recover) the real world despite all the impediments to that end.

— Errol Morris

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