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Finish that sentence and i will stab you in the eye with the spork Bethanys about to pull out of her bag for her apple sauce. And shed be very upset if i got her sprk all messed up. shes rather fond of the thing. - Dawson
— Jennifer L. Armentrout —

Hunter Dawson - annoyingly attractive. Downgraded for having an awful personality.

— Audrey Bell

Christopher Dawson was one of the most counter-cultural of all intellectuals. As the world rejected God, Dawson embraced God. As the world rejected myth, Dawson embraced myth. As the world rejected the significance of prophets, Dawson attempted to speak as one. As the world mocked the saints as superstition, Dawson regarded them as the only lights-reflecting the true light of the Logos-in history.

— Bradley J. Birzer

Mama: But something might happen. Something that might change everything. Who knows what it might be, but it might be worth waiting for! (Jessie doesn't respond.) Try if for two more weeks.
Jessie: No, Mama
Mama: i'll pay more attention to you. Tell the truth when you ask me. Let you have your say.
Jessie: No, Mama. This is how I have my say. This is how I say what I thought about it ALL and I say No. To Dawson and Loretta and the Red Chinese and epilepsy and Ricky and Cicel and you. And me. And hope. I say No.,

— Marsha Norman

Dawson ... It's a whispered plea, but I don't know if I'm asking for more or begging him to stop.

— Jasinda Wilder

Dawson shifted, dropping his head into his hand. "Do you ever stop talking?"
"When I'm sleeping," Blake replied.
"And when you're dead," Daemon threw back. "You'll stop talking when you're dead."
Blake's lips thinned. "Point taken.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey!" Dawson yelled from the front door. "I think Dee caught the microwave on fire. Again. And I tried popping some popcorn with my hands and it kind of went wrong. Like really, really wrong."
Daemon pressed his forehead against mine and growled. "Dammit.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

I can be a dickhead and I do it on purpose. I tend to bully people into doing what I want. And I let everything that had happened with Dawson amplify those ... uh, personality traits. But-" He removed his finger, and his grin spread into a smile. "But you ... you make me want to be different. That's why I didn't kill Blake. It's why I don't want you making those decisions or for you to be around me if I am choosing those things.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

The thing is, every Luxen feared Daemon's notorious temper. His brother was like a lit fuse, ready to explode at any minute, but what they didn't know was that it was another thing Dawson shared with Daemon. When push came to shove, and it involved someone he cared about, he could be just as mean.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

Dawson: "I was married to your mom for a long time. And I didn't know how you would feel about me dating someone." "It's okay, Daddy," Harlow says. "Mommy is in heaven. God is her boyfriend now." "I think she'd date Jesus. He's younger." Ava says. "Yes, Jesus," Harlow agrees. "Mama and Jesus. But Mama would make him shave his beard." I laugh loudly envisioning Whitney ordering Jesus around.

— Jillian Dodd

It's sad when you see most of your friends in the business gone, like Tommy Cooper, Frankie Howard, Eric Morecambe, Roy Castle, Les Dawson. They were very dear to me. You no longer have the chance to bump into them at a celebrity do.

— Bruce Forsyth

Seven days from the time they pulled into Dawson, they dropped down the steep bank by the Barracks to the Yukon Trail, and pulled for Dyea and Salt Water. Perrault was carrying despatches if anything more urgent than those he had brought in; also, the travel pride had gripped him, and he purposed to make the record trip of the year. Several things favored him in this. The week's rest had recuperated the dogs and put them in thorough trim. The trail they had broken into the country was packed hard by later journeyers. And further, the police had arranged in two or three places deposits of grub for dog and man, and he was travelling light.

— Jack London

I knew you loved me and that you'd do anything for me. And that was one of the reasons it hurt so much when you ended it, Dawson. Because I knew even then how rare that kind of love is. Only the luckiest people get to experience it at all.

— Nicholas. Sparks

Sight of Dawson running on the opposite side of the street,

— Nicholas. Sparks

Deke met them on the porch and led the way into the house. Taller than the Dawson brothers, he was every bit as handsome with thick brown hair that he wore long enough to be sexy, hazel eyes, and broad shoulders. Women tended to flock to him like a moth to a burning candle. But taming Deke would be harder than training a Dawson cowboy to the halter. He was full of tough cowboy charm, and it would take a special woman to rope him and get him aimed toward the altar.

— Carolyn Brown

He really just wanted to go about his business. I would put Eddie Murray in the same category as Andre Dawson. He would like to kid around with the press and (be surly), but he was a total professional. I see why he is a Hall of Famer. I am just glad I had the pleasure of playing for Eddie (Murray) for one year.

— Gary Carter

It was really executed well, from the art direction to the wardrobe to everyone else. And I have to say, two really exceptional directors who did three each. Roxann [Dawson] did the first three and Jeremy [Webb] did the second three. And I think they really were very meticulous in getting the right tone because it is both. It isn't dour and it isn't grim, but it's not a romp either. It's truthful and it has room for both of those things.

— Gary Cole

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