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Darwinian Quotes

A large number of well-trained scientists outside of evolutionary biology and paleontology have unfortunately gotten the idea that the fossil record is far more Darwinian than it is. This probably comes from the oversimplification inevitable in secondary sources: low-level textbooks semipopular articles, and so on. Also, there is probably some wishful thinking involved. In the years after Darwin, his advocates hoped to find predictable progressions. In general. these have not been found-yet the optimism has died hard and some pure fantasy has crept into textbooks.
— David M. Raup —

We're trying to run a 21st century society and economy with 19th century Darwinian, competitive, crude ideas.

— Susan George

Thermodynamics, correctly interpreted, does not just allow Darwinian evolution; it favors it.

— Ludwig Boltzmann

I suppose I'd characterize myself as having a faith-based optimism. My faith is parental and Darwinian.

— Denis Hayes

Any strategy that attempts to reinforce faith by undermining science is also doomed to failure. Showing that some scientific theory is wrong will not prove that the religious alternative is correct by default. When the sun was shown not to be the center of the universe, as Copernicus had proposed, the Earth was not moved back to that singular position in the cosmos. If Darwinian evolution is proved wrong, biologists will not develop a new theory based on the hypothesis that each species was created separately by God 6,000years ago.

— Victor J. Stenger

The Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest has been substituted by a philosophy of the survival of the slickest.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Time and again, my sociobiological colleagues have upbraided me as a turncoat, because I will not agree with them that the ultimate criterion for the success of a meme must be its contribution to Darwinian "fitness". At bottom, they insist, a "good meme" spreads because brains are receptive to it, and the receptiveness of brains is ultimately shaped by (genetic) natural selection.

— Richard Dawkins

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