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Dan Vs Quotes

Aye, thats me. Rough tough squaddie with the intellectual depth of a shallow baby bath and the educational background of a hedgerow. Complicated? Yeah, right." Dan laughed. Vadim laughed, too. "Sorry, but that just about nails it." He grew more serious and whispered. "But you also have the heart of a tiger and the vastness of a mountain.
— Aleksandr Voinov —

I guess we're oil and water. (Phoebe)
I'd say we're more like gasoline and a blowtorch. (Dan)

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Ian put in. "Just fridge yourselves, as Jonah says."
"Dude," Dan said. "Do you mean chill?"
"Precisely. Just what I said.

— Jude Watson

The phone rang in the comm. center. Ian consulted the monitor. "It's Dan." He pressed a button. "Kabra here."
Dan's voice crackled through the attic. "Don't say it like that," he complained. "Your name still gives me heartburn.

— Gordon Korman

Dan had begun working his way around the room starting at the food wall. "Here's a little wheel to twist" he said, and an instant later, "Genna, it has water in it. Good sweet water. And when you twist the wheel, it stops and starts." And a moment later, "A little room with a privy! But" echoing noises. "Oh," he said, sounding elated, "when you press a handle, water wahses the inside of the privy. You should see this!

— Holly Lisle

Dan suggested to Owen and me that we were better off to not involve ourselves with Hester. How true! But how we wanted to be involved in the thrilling real-life sleaziness that we suspected Hester was in the thick-of. We were in a phase, through television and the movies, of living only vicariously. Even faintly sordid silliness excited us if it put us in contact with love.

— John Irving

Don't take this as a compliment, but you actually don't smell that bad."
Dan let out a burst of surprised laughter. "What did you expect me to smell like?"
"Well ... " I wrinkled my nose. "I heard you guys soak your uniforms in urine."
"So you assumed I'd smell like pee."
"Yes," I said. "But you don't," I added kindly.

— Leila Sales

But Julia thought it would be a much better idea if they went to see Mr Dan Langham in 'On Your Toes!' at the New Hippodrome, so they went there instead and had a nice time instead of a nasty one.

— Stella Gibbons

Taigen Dan Leighton has lovingly illumined still another dimension of the human condition.

— John Daishin Buksbazen

We know who is out there as far as available quarterbacks, but in reality, no one would be more prepared or capable as a No. 2 at this point than Dan. He got more snaps in the preseason than any of our quarterbacks and continues to get better.

— Steve Mariucci

Republicans are now saying that Dan Rather should lose his job because he misled the country with bogus information. Which is odd because the Democrats are saying the exact same thing about President Bush.

— Jay Leno

Dan Gerber is one of our finest living poets.

— Annie Dillard

"If it were a dog, it would have bitten you already." Actual Twents: "At e ne hond was, dan e oew allange ebettene." Meaning: Said to someone who is looking for something which is right under his nose. Source: Twents Woordenbook. Twents in Woord en Gebruik.

— Robert Frost

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