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Core Belief Quotes

It is a challenge. When you do things that are comedy, youre having to look at the funnier side of life. Often I find Christians - but not just Christians, (any) people who have a certain core belief of things - dont like to have fun made of them at all.
— Corbin Bernsen —

Your core beliefs are the central part of your internal belief system.

— Asa Don Brown

You don't need to go over every detail of your past, but if something comes up, face it and process those feelings, get to the core belief, so you can shift it.

— Sheri Kaye Hoff

The only concept or experience or core belief that I can attribute my other-ness to is that I just started out a weirdo and I stayed a weirdo. And it took me a long time to embrace my outsidership and see it as a strength rather than a weakness.

— Aisha Tyler

If we construct an economy where quantities are controlled, based on the belief there is never enough for all, then we must compete to determine the winners. We begin this with grades in the first grade. There is the presumption that competition is essential and so there must be a normal distribution of grades. All students cannot receive high marks. If I get an A, someone in the class must perform poorly. It is an early lesson in how the marketplace ideology works. In a community organized around abundance, competition will occur, but it is not built into the system as a core design element. In a neighborly culture, the abundance of resources becomes the design element

— Walter Brueggemann

Unfortunately a religious group defines itself foremost by its creation story, the supernatural narrative that explains how humans came into existence. And this story is also the heart of tribalism. No matter how gentle and high-minded, or subtly explained, the core belief assures its members that God favors them above all others. It teaches that members of other religions worship the wrong gods, use wrong rituals, follow false prophets, and believe fantastic creation stories. There is no way around the soul-satisfying but cruel discrimination that organized religions by definition must practice among themselves. I doubt there ever has been an imam who suggested that his followers try Roman Catholicism or a priest who urged the reverse.

— Edward O. Wilson

The core of all religions is a belief in a supreme personal god.

— Frank Tipler

If our core belief is based on what other people think, then we eventually will allow their opinions to become our reality.

— Darren Johnson

Overcome the prideful need to measure your worth by how much more successful you are than others, by operating from a core belief grounded in abundance.

— Richie Norton

I think the most harmful belief passed on to me - not always directly - was the belief that whatever I did as a Negro, however much we Negroes achieved, despite the presence of some enlightened whites, white society as a whole enjoyed being racists in the secret core of their being and would never, ever give that up.

— Margo Jefferson

Belief transcends ritual, structure and societal expectation. It is an enlivening, intensely personal core to our being. Our way of being.

— Mary Anne Radmacher

The perception of the West as mostly a "knight of democracy" has been replaced with the disappointed belief that pragmatism, often cynical and selfish, lies at the core of Western policies. For many Russians it was a grave disillusion, a crushing of ideals.

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The core belief that drives terrorism is the notion of a "holy place," along with the idea that some people belong there and other people don't. That's why the only solution to terrorism is for religious scholars to hold a global summit to agree on the definition of "holy place." Once they agree on a definition, it will be easier to mock it into submission.

— Scott Adams

One of my core beliefs is that belief itself is a choice that can be made of our own free will.

— Steve Pavlina

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